Stewardship... a concept not to be taken lightly or for granted. For many years now this website has been a hub of wealthy information - opinion, facts, and commentary from the unabashedly liberal perspective, and equally unabashedly Michigan perspective as well. And that will continue. First operated by Matthew Ferguson and then Eric Baerren, this site now is under the stewardship of a new group that will be continuing to build on their honorable legacy.

Stewardship is exactly what we think of in terms of the operation of this site. We look forward to maintaining old friendships built by Matthew and Eric and making new ones. We look forward to bringing you many of the same voices you've come to expect from here and new ones as well.

We look forward helping move forward the agenda that liberal policies over the last several generations have successfully provided for our state and our country.

Much more to come in the second quarter of 2017...