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Birds of Feather: How Michigan YAF Chapters Continue to Support MSU-YAF and Other Hate Movements

by: Philip.R.Moon

Sat Jan 26, 2008 at 21:49:59 PM EST

From YAF Watch 

MSU YAF has so far been the only chapter of the organization to be named a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Other YAF groups in Michigan have at times disagreed with MSU-YAF. However, despite YAF's track record of bringing Holocaust Deniers and Skinheads, to campus, they still enjoy strong support among the Michigan YAF groups.

University of Michigan
University of Michigan Young Americans for Freedom (UM YAF) has made statements in the past trying to distance themselves from MSU YAF and saying they would not support bringing Nick Griffin to their campus. However, on UM YAF's blog, they list MSU YAF under their list labeled "UM YAF Supports"


Central Michigan University
Central Michigan YAF, formerly led by Dennis Lennox II, has stood by MSU YAF since the it was named a hate group. In an article in Central Michigan Life, Lennox said
"We are going to stand by Kyle Bristow and YAF as a whole"

Lennox (wearing sunglasses) recently joined MSU YAF in their protest of John McCain's visit to the Kellogg Center at Michigan State University.

Olivet College

Olivet YAF has also continued to be a major supporter of the Young Americans for Freedom. In their list titled "The Good" Olivet YAF lists MSU YAF as good organization.

Olivet YAF has also given the "Good" rating to two other groups identified as hate groups.

VDare is a website that has been criticized by the SPLC for articles that are anti-Semtic and white supremacist in nature. Articles produced include support for immigration laws that discriminate based on ethnic and national origin and one by Sam Francis that says

Actually, the question should be, why does the U.S. government, so eager to round up and kick out the decent Steenkamp family [a white family from South Africa] despite all the gabble about being "a nation of immigrants," allow and even encourage the garbage of Africa to come here at all and do nothing to force them out?

Also on the "Good" list is the Council of Conservative Citizens, both the national group and the Michigan chapter. Both the ADL and the SPLC have listed the Council of Conservative Citizens as a hate group. The group was created by former members of the White Citizens Council, a segregationist group that opposed integration and racial equality. The SPLC reported on a Council of Conservative Citizens meeting where anti-Semitic groups were present and literature from the groups was distributed.

Earlier it was reported that Jason Van Dyke was a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens Facebook group. The Council of Conservative Citizens also supported Nick Griffin's American speaking tour, even being the sponsoring group at Clemson University.

Philip.R.Moon :: Birds of Feather: How Michigan YAF Chapters Continue to Support MSU-YAF and Other Hate Movements
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Another great post Phillip
Keep up the good work!

"Kill the headlights and put it in neutral..."

These guys
are everything that is wrong with politics.  Following people around with camera's, flailing FOIA's everywhere, and just utter hypocrisy.  I'm glad you're able to stomach doing the research on this one, keep it up.

Let's put an end to Knollenberg's "SUB-PRIME" career.

Interesting to see YAF protesting McCain -
the day before the Michigan primary, we (Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War) were out in front of Kalamazoo Christian High School, standing in the snow protesting his support for the Iraq War! Funny to think of him being protested from the RIGHT.

Thank you
Thank you for this diary and the one on Fred Fico. As advocates for democratic principles, we must be tolerant of demonstrations of free speech that are repugnant. This is something Prof. Fico is counting on. But we still must be informed and aware of organized efforts to support, condone and advertise hate groups.

I have had two calls now from MSU and have explained why I am not donating to the surprise of the student on the other line. Hopefully any Olviet, CMU and Uof M alumni will do the same and refuse to donate to their alma mater until it does something about the support and advertisement of hate groups.

Keep up the good work.

What would Eleanor Roosevelt do?

Great diary!
I know there are many faculty and administrators at MSU who would love to see YAF disappear, but are strapped by the necessity of treating all student groups the same (so as janeenr states, they have to respect their right to free speech, repugnant as it is). Do you know how specific administrative bodies at MSU are responding, either officially or unofficially?  

The Office of Inclusion at MSU has launched an investigation into YAF and College Republicans about the Chris Simcox event. It seems to have stalled around October.


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