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Stupak: No health care reform with abortion funding

by: Eric B.

Thu Jul 30, 2009 at 17:49:39 PM EDT

Bark Stupak's office released this letter after being asked whether the representative would support health care reform that included funding for abortion. When asked if Stupak would support any bill that had abortion funding, his spokeswoman Michelle Begnoche said she wouldn't get into hypotheticals, but the excerpted part of the letter kind of speaks for itself.  The answer is:

The representative has other concerns with health care reform, at least as it stood a few days ago.  His office said that the Congressional Budget Office estimates show that it wouldn't save money, that regional differences in Medicare reimbursements (Miami health care providers, for instance, get far more in Medicare reimbursements than one in Marquette) need to be addressed, more transparency is needed in the market and that anti-trust provisions protecting health insurance providers need to repealed.

The CBO estimates do show that there are no savngs at the federal leve, which means that the federal government would get more expensive.  Congressional leaders say they're working to even this out.  Late last week, Congressional leaders said that they'd resolved the Medicare reimbursement issue.  As of Monday, Stupak's office said it hadn't seen any specific language on this.

Eric B. :: Stupak: No health care reform with abortion funding
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against the odds...
...no matter what side of the argument you're on and no matter how sound your arguments, this was never really going to have a chance in any health bill. too many things stacked against it.

Dillon's plan and abortion
Will Dillon's plan cover abortion like MESSA annd BlueCare does?

C Street Resident
What else do you expect from a religious fanatic who lives at the C Street house in Washington, DC? Just because he has a D after his name doesn't mean he's not a fruitball. Do not expect reasonableness from him. By joining The Family, he's shown which side he's on. It is not the side of rationality.  

C Street Stupak
Having now realized just how wrong I was for ever voting for this guy I can't wait for the 2010 elections to arrive.

stupak in 2010
I don't live in his district but I'll be happy to support anyone who challenges him in the primary.
I'm letting the DCCC and Van Hollen know that I will not send one cent of money as long as right-wing unChristians like Stupak are getting funds.

Stupak voted against final bill in Energy and Commerce
On Friday evening, the last of the three House committees voted 31 to 28 to send the House reform bill to the floor for a planned September vote. ... In the end, four of the panel's Blue Dogs voted to approve the bill, and three voted against it.

Joining the Blue Dogs in opposition to the bill was Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak, who sometimes votes with Republicans, particular [sic] on abortion issues. ... Democrat Rick Boucher of Virginia also voted against the measure.

Anybody have a complete list of Democrats that voted against the final measure in Energy and Commerce?

Stupak with Blue Dogs against health care
CNN reports:
Three members of the Democrats' conservative Blue Dog caucus -- John Barrow of Georgia, Jim Matheson of Utah and Charlie Melancon of Louisiana -- voted against the bill, along with two other Democrats, Bart Stupak of Michigan and Rick Boucher of Virginia.

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