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Dillon and groupies urged to 'grow a spine' at recent Democratic dinner

by: LiberalLucy

Tue Oct 06, 2009 at 15:57:25 PM EDT

It's hard to believe in government or have faith in politics with the current so-called Democratic leadership in our state house. Resident DINO (Democrat-In-Name-Only) and Speaker of the House, Andy Dillon spoke at last weekend's Phil Hart Dinner for the Oakland County Democratic Party.

While I was unable to attend, I heard that Congressman Frank and Lt. Gov. Cherry's remarks were spot on talking about the importance of Democratic values as we move our state along the road of recovery. Things like saving healthcare and protecting education, fighting for working families.

But the real show stopper that evening wasn't so much what was said as what was seen. During Dillon's brief remarks, a member of the Justice Caucus, one of the State Party's largest and most progressive caucuses, carried around a model of a human spine.

From MIRS:

"It's not so much about the spine, but what it represents," said Paul STEVENSON, a Detroit attorney and the co-chair of the Justice Caucus. "People want plain talk. They want the truth about what it takes to balance the budget and the approach he and Bishop are taking does damage to Michigan's economy. 

"The spine isn't just meant for the Speaker but the people who would follow him and make the same mistake that he's making." 

Stevenson said he believes Dillon agreed to Bishop's all-cuts budget to advance his qualifications for a gubernatorial run in 2010.

LiberalLucy :: Dillon and groupies urged to 'grow a spine' at recent Democratic dinner

Continued from MIRS -

The Dillon-Bishop budget plan is driving a serious wedge through part of the party," he said.

Members of the Justice Caucus also wore buttons that read "Structural budget reform now" and "We need a new speaker of the house."

Dillon was speaking at the Phil Hart dinner, sponsored by the Oakland County Democratic Party. Dillon spoke after U.S. Sen. Barney FRANK (D-Mass.) and Lt. Gov. John CHERRY

Growing a spine is a start, fighting for progressive values is where it is really at. Unless his plan is to turn into Mike Bishop's pool boy, Dillon needs to wake up real quick and realize that he doesn't have any shot in the gubernatorial race.

It'd be one thing if he was really leading, but Andy Dillon's done nothing more than strike a deal with the devil by essentially repackaging Mike Bishop and the Senate Republican's cuts. Dillon, a man who calls himself a Democrat, is not only voting to cut essential services like healthcare, education, family services and unemployment services, he's leading the charge in the House. As we've all been taught, actions speak louder than words.

If rumors are to be believed, he's even offered judgeships and other deals to his fellow DINO groupies in the House, all contingent on him winning the gubernatorial race next year. It's not only risky, it's downright foolish of him to do so, and for those to believe and follow him. Of course, it would account for some truly outrageous and back-handed votes that particular members have made in the last couple weeks. 

Dillon's not progressive, and if you believe that his draconian cuts make him moderate, you're the fool. Conservative cuts and plans make you one thing, and one thing only, and I'm fairly certain that the Republican candidate pool is already quite full. 

I'm sure many of the dinner's attendees were anxious to hear Dillon explain himself, perhaps even offer up some kind of excuse for his bizarre and turncoat behavior. Unfortunately, it sounds like they were left as empty-handed as the rest of the state when he was done. After all, real progressive action takes a spine, and as the Justice Caucus cleverly pointed out, Dillon's missing his. 

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Sure it was for the wrong reasons, but maybe old Leon was on to something last year.  

You're suggesting that it would have been a good thing for Leon Drolet to have been successful in recalling the Democratic Speaker for voting for revenue in 2007, revenue that makes this year's deficit much smaller than it otherwise would have been?  If those recalls against Dillon and his groupies who faced recalls in 2008 had been successful, do you seriously think that any new revenue proposals would be on the table this year?

[ Parent ]
Take note
Take note, Lucy, that Speaker Dillon along with his groupies are consistently voting for new revenue tonight just as they did in 2007 knowing they would face recall attempts.  Yet a number of the so-called liberal Dems are voting against revenue.

It was nice to see it...
...yesterday. Where was he the last year?

How does that expression go - too little, too late?  

I want to change the world, not help people adjust to it. - Millie Jeffrey, MI - National Women's labor and Democratic activist, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

[ Parent ]
Last year
Lucy, last year Dillon was fighting a recall attempt for supporting revenue through an income tax and service tax that he voted on in 2007.  If this revenue had not passed, the budget deficit and cuts would have much worse this year.  How quickly you forget.

[ Parent ]
Dillon couldn't get away for a couple of hours?

[ Parent ]
No Longer Trusting Dillon's Honesty Some of the House Dem Caucus Have Found a Few Vertebrae
Rumor has that enough House Dem Caucus members have figured out that Andy is not truthful when reporting back his conversations with the Governor and now Rep. Angerer acts as the Caucus emissary to the Governor. In fact it appears that the Governor addressed the House Dem Caucus today because there is such a lost of confidence in Dillon truthfully communicating the Governor's position to the Caucus. At what point does a critical mass of the Caucus come to the conclusion that Dillon simply has to go because Dillon has proven he will say and do anything to help Republicans and business while throwing everyone else under the bus?  

You rhink someone should tell the reporter
that Barney Frank is a Representative?

ATTN DINO's we are watching the HUNCHBACKS in the House
Dillon has demonstrated he is no leader. He had no plan to do what he was elected to do by you or the citizens who elected you. The spineless Hunchback was the devil in disguise leading you all to slaughter. Ever heard the devil is in the details?  Didn't you wonder why you NEVER SAW THE DILLON/BISHOP PLAN IN WRITING??? Not a dAMn one of you had a spine to demand to READ THE PLAN YOU WERE VOTING???  We watched your votes.  Don't think for a minute that voting NO on the cuts only budgets when it was clear the plan failed will save you from the wrath of citizens here in this state.  It wasn't just Amash the tea bagger that voted to CUT EDUCATION it was Dillon, Cushingberry, Clemente, Espinoza, Hammel, Lahti, LeBlanc, McDowell, Meadows, Melton, Schmidt R, Simpson, Slezak, Switalski. WAKE UP EVEN the GOP were not that stupid.

The Justice Caucus needs to ditch the spine and go for the full court press  . . . RECALL TIME!!!  

EARTH TO DINO's when DILLON'S lips are movin', his tie is half cocked and his slicked back hair astray- it is your clue to DEMAND TO SEE THE ENTIRE DILLON PLAN IN WRITING TRANSPARENT FOR YOU, your consitutents and the Governor to read.  The Governor knows what a liar Dillon is, she needs to refuse to have any conversation with Dillon without a tape recorder to send back to the house.

No recall
Most are term-limited.  If not, run someone against them in 2010.  If they are term-limited, find a true progressive to run for their spot.  Wasting time and money on a recall is counter-productive.  Spend those precious resources on getting good people elected.

"Action is what separates a belief from an opinion."

[ Parent ]
Kick the freshman to the curb now . . .Roy Schmidt, Slezy Slezak, Jon Switaski
We can certainly run someone against them vs. recall, but at some point it is a matter of sending a message.  Kent, Macomb & Genessee cuts put their consituents under.  These former city and county commissioners don't have a clue in Lansing.

We need candidates for Senate with experience in 2010 and a track record - not city and county commissioners.  They simply don't get it in Lansing.

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