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Paul Scott's nutty idea

by: Eric B.

Tue Feb 16, 2010 at 11:40:35 AM EST

This has been circulating around for a few weeks.  I suppose it's worth mentioning here for reasons of wierd humor.

Republican Paul Scott is trying to make gender designation an issue in the race to replace term-limited Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land. The state representative from Grand Blanc says people who have undergone gender change operations shouldn't be able to change their licenses to reflect their new identities.

This is so thoroughly stupid that I'd frankly ignored it until now.  And, I see that Paul Scott plans to make this a serious campaign issue.  Considering none of the other GOP candidates, with the exception of Anne Norlander, appear to be interested in the Secretary of State's job for any other reason than to raise their own profiles for a future run at some other job (Michelle McManus, we're looking in your direction), I could see where we hear lots more about this in the future. I also see where Gary Glenn of the AFA thinks this needs to be front and center in the campaign, which suggests that he's looking to actually make his organization relevant this year.
Eric B. :: Paul Scott's nutty idea
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I wonder...
if candidate Scott is so hung up on DNA testing as being the absolute authority on gender (and presumably other characteristics as well), perhaps he should submit to a DNA test to prove that he is not a woman, not a liberal and not a Wolverine fan.  I mean, the people have a right to know, don't they?

Do stupid people know they are stupid?

Think We Can Sic the Birthers on Him? (n/t)

[ Parent ]
Having made every effort to understand where Paul Scott is going with this, what his motivation is, I have yet to come across anything logical.  I'm not sure there is any logic to this.

What's odd here is that Paul Scott is the most liberal Republican running for Secretary of State.  He is aligned with the Snyder camp and Scott was very vocal in support of the smoking ban.  Going after the transgendered doesn't fit his profile.  In fact, I'd be surprised to even see someone as conservative as Senator McManus supporting this.

Perhaps Paul Scott is getting back at the transgendered out of envy.  I've been told by several Republicans that their party sees this as an office that should be held by a woman.  It's a battle between Norlander who has the support of most Republican country clerks and McManus who has the support of the conservative Republican establishment.

The Republican platforms truly bother me...
I disagree with Republicans on very nearly everything, but this is a case where the mere things they are campaigning on to me degrade this office.  Paul Scott is campaigning on something so stupid and trivial that he ought to be laughed out of the race ... and doesn't he actually need to pick one office to run for?  Michelle McManus' first major foray into campaigning was her letter decrying ACORN.

That stuff just really degrades this office, and reduces it to a race between people who want to use it to torment others.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Paul and Michelle
These two ougth to submit the results of their DNA testing to every public forum out there that deals with hypocrisy or dumbing up. There'd be instant hits galore most of which will come from the Party of No.

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