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CD08: Final push being made for Enderle write-in candidacy

by: Eric B.

Sat Jul 31, 2010 at 11:43:51 AM EDT

There's been a bit of speculation the last couple of days that Kande Ngalamulume, who was the Democratic candidate in the 8th District until after the filing deadline and then inexplicably dropped out, blaming Democratic and progressive leadership for failing to rally behind him, was in reality a Republican plant. That rumor mongering is based on Ngalamulume's refusal to do anything to aid the Democrats to put a real person on the ballot rather than the name of someone who'd left the state. (On the other hand, why bother spending resources to kill competition in a district you knew going in that you'd win big?)

A good point was raised last night, however, by Brainwrap at the Great Orange Satan, that the Detroit papers both failed to mention the state of the race in their coverage from this previous week. Write-ins obviously, are longshot campaigns, but this one a) involves a Congressional seat and b) a candidate on the ballot but who dropped out. That means there is a credible chance for the write-in to win, especially since there are indications that the race could blow up big in the progressive blogosphere, and if nothing else it's an interesting and compelling story during an election year (dwarfed, yes, by the GOP primary in the 11th Senate race, but still interesting).

Eric B. :: CD08: Final push being made for Enderle write-in candidacy
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Saw an ad for Enderle today on Facebook
MI 08 Deserves a real Dem

The official candidate has left town. Write-in Lance Enderle so that MI-08 can have a Democrat representing the district.

You like this ad.

Note that last line. :-)

According to Stranded Wind on Daily Kos, those ads cost all of $300, which was raised the past few days.

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

I'll tip my hat to Enderle for trying to do the near-impossible
Kande Ngalamulume screwed the democrats in a big way. That was one of the laziest moves I've ever seen by a candidate who was not talked into running.

I hope this goes out to democratic primary voters in my county and district, partly so they have another reason to stay the hell out of my primary.

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security" - Benjamin Franklin

Opinions are my own and not that of LCRP

And, I tip my hat for your demonstration of respect
Adding the "ic" to the end of the word and all.

If you'd supported Hillary Clinton, you'd have argued your side until no one ever wanted to talk about anything ever again period. #ghostsofpastprimaries

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