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Goat killer declares war on clothes-for-orphans program

by: Eric B.

Sat Apr 16, 2011 at 13:06:30 PM EDT


Yesterday, for example, a subcommittee in the House took this action on the state Department of Human Services budget. They slashed almost ten million dollars from the clothing allowance for children on welfare whose family groups do not include an adult. In other words, kids who in a simpler time were referred to as orphans.

Well, what do poor kids need clothes for anyway?  State Representative Dave Agema, the subcommittee chair, said “I think the hardship is negligible,” and suggested the money was often not spent on clothes anyway. Budget decisions are all about spending priorities, and Representative Agema, a Republican from Grandville,  has priorities of his own. He missed the battle to balance the state budget in 2007, because he decided to go hunt wild sheep in Siberia.

Apparently, the Goat Killer's New Testament goes a little differently than everyone else's. His version of the Sermon on the Mount apparently includes Jesus standing up and saying, "Blessed are the poor, for they are on their own."

Lessenberry didn't touch on the other shoe that dropped on the poor and unfortunate in the last week. The deal that kept the federal government operational included massive spending cuts for programs that help those people. And, as we know, House Republicans declared war on the poor and elderly just yesterday by passing a budget that would end Medicare as we know it and would make Medicaid a largely toothless program.

Luckily for us, this is not just an unconscionable assault on the impoverished, but also an over attack on senior citizens, who both vote and who will soon be the largest age group in the country. Combining the assault on Medicare in Congress, and benevolent overlord Rick Michigan using money raised by ending the pension income tax credit to finance a tax break for rich people, they've sent every senior out there a very clear message that there is no good reason for them to vote for any Republican.

Eric B. :: Goat killer declares war on clothes-for-orphans program
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Can't find it
Can't seem to find the link, but I heard (or read) the other day about them not just cutting the stipend, but someone wanted to put the money into a gift certificate that could only be used at thrift stores.

So much for small, unintrusive government, eh?  So, not only did they want to cut the allowance, but they want to embarrass the kids, too.  I'm not so much ideologically opposed to the ideas as I am the reasoning behind it.  These are some nasty, sadistic folks, this legislature.  And, their the ones always bitching about a "class warfare" being waged against this.  Excuse my French, but bullsh%t.  The only ones being warred against are the poor, and their losing.

Worst Legislator Ever?
Agema is making a good run at worst legislator ever which would be quite an accomplishment among the Lansing crowd.

Clothing for kids
I just wonder if the goat killer is as confused about this issue as he is about so many other matters. Is he talking about reducing monies from a state/federally funded foster care program or one where a self supporting relative is caring for children? In either case does the stupid jerk realize he's also loosing federal monies that come to the state matching those dollars?

Then again maybe this dink head  thinks the foster parent or self supporting relative will pick up the tab from his or her own pocket? If so we have here a form of trickle down economics where the little guy gets screwed by having to pick up the tab that rightfully is the state's responsibility.  

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