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Glenn Anderson running for Congress

by: ScottyUrb

Thu Oct 27, 2011 at 02:25:44 AM EDT

State Sen. Glenn Anderson (D-Westland) will announce tomorrow morning that he is running for Congress in 2012.

Anderson served in the state House from 2001 until his election to the state Senate in 2006. Before that, he served nine years on the Westland City Council. Anderson worked at Ford starting in 1972 (where he joined the UAW) and is also a licensed Realtor.

If Anderson is elected to Congress, it won't be the first time he's pulled off such an upset. In order to win his election to the Senate in 2006, Anderson had to  defeat an incumbent, Laura Toy. Anderson and Jim Barcia are the only two Democrats in the past 21 years (perhaps longer) to win a   Republican-held State Senate seat. Renowned political analyst Peter Bratt called Anderson's 2006 campaign "one of the best I've seen in Michigan politics."

Anderson will run in the 11th District for the seat currently held by  Thaddeus McCotter. No word yet on whether McCotter plans to run for re-election, but another Republican - State Sen. Mike Kowall (R-White Lake) - is  running. Like the old 11th, the new 11th is not the friendliest for Democrats, but in the  old 11th, McCotter only won by 6% in 2008 against a little-known  Democrat. Said Democrat, Joseph Larkin, actually won the Wayne County portion of the district.

Anderson is a well-respected, tenacious, blue-collar Democrat who knows how to win and of whom we can all be proud. Republicans have a huge fight on their hands.

UPDATE: It turns out Anderson is more likely running in the 13th (against Conyers), not the 11th. Which raises the question: Why are so many Democrats (Jackson, Johson, and now Anderson) running against Conyers? Someone enlighten me, please.

ScottyUrb :: Glenn Anderson running for Congress
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Glenn Anderson against McCotter: Perfect!
I knew Glenn when he was a councilman in Westland, where I lived for 32 years. We worked together on several local programs and I can attest that he's a good, honorable man of the people.  The same can't be said for Thaddeus McCotter, but that's not to say McCotter couldn't be re-elected.  We live in increasingly strange times.

But Glenn is tenacious and, from the article, knows how to win.  The district in question runs from blue collar neighborhoods to gated, patrolled communities full of the richest three percent, so he's got an uphill climb, but if anyone can do it, it just might be Glenn.

This is good news. I'll pass it along and we'll get going. Removing McCotter would not only send a much-needed message to Michigan Republicans, it would be cause for celebration in many corners of his district. (I know it would thrill my daughter, who has written so many angry letters to Thad she's been blocked from his email list.)

Go, Glenn!

Are you sure
Are you sure about that district?  I was under the impression he was running in the new 13th District that includes Westland, Garden City and Redford. That would put him in a primary race with John Conyers and fellow Senator Bert Johnson.

Communications Guru The Conservative Media http://liberalmedianot.blogspot.com

Posted this to your dkos article too, Scott --
Yes, he is running in the 13th.

I have this on good authority. Scott, you should change this article & its title.

From Wikipedia:


Democrat John Conyers, who has represented the 14th district since 1993 and previously represented the 1st district from 1965 until 1993, will seek re-election in the new 13th district. Democrat Hansen Clarke, who was first elected to represent the 13th district in 2010, will instead run in the 14th district.[28] State representative Shanelle Jackson[22] and state senator Bert Johnson[29][30] will challenge Conyers for the Democratic nomination. Godfrey Dillard, an attorney, may also seek the Demcratic nomination.[22]

And now Sen. Anderson will join the fray in the new 13th. This means taking on a liberal icon, obviously, but Anderson's Senate district has a large overlap with the new 13th. He is in a good position to win the primary.

Which means...
If Gary Peters beats Hansen Clarke, Detroit could be left without a Congressperson of its own.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Well, they would still be represented by two fine Congressmen..,
in that case. Lots of places don't have Representatives "of their own", if by that you mean living within municipality limits.

It may be another sign of how far Detroit has fallen, but it is not the end of the world.

[ Parent ]
On the other hand...
If McCotter beats Kowall and Clarke beats Peters, Oakland County would be the place left "without a Congressperson of its own."

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]
I doubt Peters will beat Clarke
I doubt Peters will get enough crossover white independent or republican crossover votes that he needs in a primary to win a black majority district. White republicans don't like Peters, and most don't have anything personal against Clarke outside his voting record (little different than Peters). In addition, Peters doesn't live in the district - Bloomfield Twp. I think he won in Pontiac before more because of who he wasn't (R) than who he is. He'll get some money, but Clarke would sell better in the primary. In addition, Clarke doesn't piss off white moderates the same way Conyers does. He's more like Dennis Archer and less like Mayor Young.

In addition, there are going to be redistricted county commissioner races, as well as possible countywide offices in the primary. That might be a factor in West Bloomfield, Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake, and Farmington Hills. Peters territory.

I think Clarke wins unless Brenda Lawrence runs. In that case, I think it could go either way between Clarke and Lawrence. Southfield will be a major key in this primary.  

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security" - Benjamin Franklin

Opinions are my own and not that of LCRP

[ Parent ]
I made my pitch to Gary Peters to run in the new 11th
He's smart and can crunch numbers with the best of them -- so despite strong arguments for challenging Kowall or McCotter, he chose the 14th instead.

Whatever you or I think, Rep. Peters thinks this is his best shot to continue serving in Congress. As a resident of the 11th, this did not thrill me, nor does the fact that a Peters victory will come at the expense of Hansen Clarke, a potentially rising star in the Democratic Party.

But he's a proven winner, beating an entrenched incumbent in 2008 and overcoming the GOP tsunami in 2010. Peters has a distinct money advantage, and his House record is pragmatic and moderate as opposed to Clarke, who is far to Gary's left and whose accomplishments have been small, given the Tea Party-driven, GOP-controlled House he joined.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]
13th or 11th?
It's not unheard of for congressional candidates to move after redistricting, but I'll be shocked if he's going to run in a mostly Oakland District. The only part of his district in the 11th is Livonia, which is the area he lost in both of his state senate campaigns, albeit against homer candidates.

Westland, Redford, and Garden City are Anderson's base. He ran up big margins there even in a bad year.

I assume he's running in the 13th against Conyers, Johnson, and Shanelle Jackson. I also think he has a good shot to win there in the primary (and general).

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security" - Benjamin Franklin

Opinions are my own and not that of LCRP

Bless his heart
Will you forgive my while I laugh?  Anderson running in the 13th?!  What a strange way to go out, but I guess when you're term-limited you'll try and crazy old thing.

Looks like they are trying to give this one to Conyers. lol

Why laugh?
Anderson is well-known in the western suburbs which make up a good chunk of the new MI-13.  If there's more than one candidate dividing up the Detroit vote, Anderson actually has a pretty decent chance of winning.  

[ Parent ]
Fool's Gold
I think that as depopulated as Detroit has seemingly become, these suburban candidates are going to find out the hard way that these are still very much Detroit-based districts.  It's electoral fool's gold.  I don't think people realize (per studying the Census data) that the vast majority of Detroiters who left the city ended up within the immediate tri-county area...and their voting habits aren't going to change just because they've changed a few miles.  Glenn's own city went from just about 7% black in 2000 to over 17% black in 2010, and that's way out in western Wayne.  

Don't be fooled, this is still a very tribal metro when voting is concerned.  I'm sorry if my post came off as some kind of value judgement on Glenn.  It really wasn't meant that way, I was just speaking to the very hard demographics of the situation.

[ Parent ]
Anderson is one of the most well-respected Democrats
in the Legislature - and has been for some time.

Whether or not he wins in the Democratic primary, given the respect he has within Democratic circles, there's a good chance his political career will continue long after he leaves the Senate in 2014.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

[ Parent ]
His Senate term runs to 2014...
...so Glenn Anderson has nothing to lose here.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]

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