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Today in "I'm not sure you quite understand his point"

by: Eric B.

Sun Feb 26, 2012 at 10:54:10 AM EST

Joe D.'s post at the HuffPo managed to find its way around the link-swapverse yesterday, and it leads up to the big question ... will crossover voters have any sort of impact on Tuesday? The Obama people and Mark Brewer both say they aren't involved in overtly organizing said activities, but I think both are guilty of softly pushing things in that direction. It's a "We're not going to tell you to go vote for Rick Santorum, but we're not going to hold it against you if on Tuesday you cast in an election you're compelled to pay for through income taxes" tenor. You can quibble with the definition of "is" if you like. As a confirmed "statist," I fall in behind the old line, "It's good enough for government work."

Where some see an opportunity for mischief, others merely see a connivance between Democrats and their closest ally, Ye Olde Emm Ess Emm.

In the process, he slips and admits that Dems count on the national media to do their bidding for them:

Don't be distracted by the sideshow. Santorum matters little on Tuesday. He is only a convenient vessel to embarrass Romney on the national stage. The Romney people have set the bar so high in Michigan through their massive spending Romney needs to win a resounding victory in Michigan of at least 10 percent to beat expectations and quell the demands for a stronger nominee. The national press is ready to tell the story that Romney got beat on his home turf. You can help make that happen.

That's Dan "The Man" Calabrese, writing at The Michigan View, about Joe D.'s column. The stuff in bold is all Dan. His point, as I understand it, is that Ye Olde Emm Ess Emm is just waiting for an excuse to bad mouth Republicans on behalf of their Democratic puppet masters. Perhaps even that Devil Soros is involved.

Let me propose an alternate theory of the crime, as the man says. Let me suggest that Joe D. wasn't suggesting that Ye Olde Emm Ess Emm waits on marching orders from Democrats, but that they are motivated by something a good deal more sinister ... the desire to further The Story. What is The Story? It's the same God damned thing fans of football saw year after year with Bret Favre. Will he retire or will he not? Faithful fans of the NFL's football-related entertainment product would tune in regularly to find out whether that airplane leaving from near Bret Favre's Mississippi home was carrying him off to some new team -- is it New York, is it Seattle, is it Minnesota? -- or was it just someone leaving some nearby casino on the Gulf? We come to this drama-related angle by way of Ye Olde Emm Ess Emm's coverage itself: Here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and ... oh, you get the point.

To the extent that a kerfluffle like this warrants an entire post rather than a snarky item in an aggregation post, it's a good insight into how the bulk of conservatives regard the media. You may have a logical, reasonable, and -- in this case, market-oriented -- explanation for why the media would want something, but to them it always comes down to being the victim of something.

If'n you're a member of Ye Olde Emm Ess Emm and you happen to read this, let this be a warning: You can never win with these people, because they just simply believe the deck is stacked against them from the outset. They will never be happy with anything you do, and will take any sign of rejection as politically motivated. There is no point in trying to go out of your way to please them, because it will never, ever work. Plus, since they believe that you're out to get them, they will not ever take you seriously. Rather than trying to please them by creating the artificial appearance of balance, you should instead focus on creating a quality product that your remaining media consumers will take seriously.

Eric B. :: Today in "I'm not sure you quite understand his point"
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