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Thanks, Rachel, for your shitty reporting and all

by: Eric B.

Tue Apr 10, 2012 at 11:51:38 AM EDT

And, real Republican corruption continues to get overlooked thanks to a conspiracy mongering.

I'm sympathetic to Joe's point here that this is not simply a Republican thing, nor that this a recent phenomenon only. Chad Livengood's piece in the Detroit News makes that point clear, with the proviso that a lot of the Democratic bills actually did seem to have a real supermajority, which Chad's piece didn't make clear. ...

We don't, of course, know how many bills in previous sessions were passed with genuine supermajorities, which would have mooted the question of whether it was proper to give them immediate effect. Since the Democrats had a majority in the House and an immediate effect-busting minority in the Senate, it seems entirely probable that most of the bills Republicans continuously drone on about here met that bar.

Also overlooked is the fact that most bills passed by the Legislature are, in fact, entirely non-controversial and receive either unanimous support or only a handful of votes in opposition. My current state representative, Bob Genetski doppleganger Kevin Cotter, makes a point of announcing his vote on this stuff, and almost all of it has no greater partisan charge than reworking the wording for this tax credit or that legislative definition.  So, also unhelpful is the hair-aflame howling that some huge percentage of bills have passed this way, which I saw again this morning in a press release by Mark Brewer.

The issue here is, has been, and will be the genuinely controversial bills that have passed with a simple majority but have been granted immediate effect contrary to the pretty clear language of the constitution. Violating the constitution is a bad thing to do, but getting angry that the Republican House gave immediate effect to a bill honoring Michigan's carrot growers is just dumb. And, considering that the Rachel Maddow show has now given considerable leverage to outrage over the latter and covering up the former, it's also particularly unhelpful.

P.S. While we're tangentially on the topic, this from centrist pooh-bah Phil Powers' latest column.

Public Act 4: The law allows the governor to impose an emergency manager on the city. Nobody wanted that. So for everybody, a consent agreement was better than an EM. But without the threat of an EM, no consent agreement. Yet in a new wrinkle, it now looks very likely that enough signatures will be certified to put repeal of the act on the November ballot. The second that happens, the law is suspended till after the vote. No hammer, no agreement?

There is much you can say about the reign of benevolent overlord Rick Michigan, and much of it highly negative. His very clear and evident attempts to avoid appointing an emergency manager to run the city of Detroit, over even the howls of protest from neo-monarchist Nolan Finley, would tend to deflate the idea that Public Act 4 was some kind of plot by the Koch brothers to impose a legalized dictatorship in Michigan.

Eric B. :: Thanks, Rachel, for your shitty reporting and all
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over use of immediate effect
  While I can not say for sure how often Democrats used this law, I can say this. It appears that no one has heard of, or at least has not tuned into MGTV. That is Michigan Government TV. It's like C-span. You don't have to listen to what talking heads tell you what happened in the legislature, you can watch it.

 I tune in on occasions. It just so happens that I tuned in during some of those Democratic majority meetings in the last two years. The difference from what I saw then, and what I saw in the clip Rachel Maddow showed were two different worlds.
 During the time the D's were in control I noticed when there was a rollcall vote, there was this nifty little device on the wall with all the legislatures names on it. They were in white or orange, and as they voted, their name would change to green if they supported it, red if they did not. There were no standing vote counts. Roll call means you take names and record votes, not estimate how many are standing and gavel in before you need to blink.
 I do not like lawmakers abusing their power over the people from either side, but I can tell you that it seems that Republicans are abusing it. Please do not make this matter smaller than it is by saying Democrats did it too.   From what I saw with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears, they are not the same. It is just too bad these people do not have to live with the laws they impose on us.

Its pretty evident that Snyder's reluctance to appoint an emergency manager for Detroit is more a political ploy than anything else. And while Eric seems to be having a fit over Rachel's expose of the tinkering that goes on with the state's constitution others are supporting her. As pointed out above it makes no difference who had his ox gored here, the fact remains there is abuse and exposing it is in the public  interest.

Say what you want but this lady takes no crap from anyone, she does her homework and just because a few object to having the truth be known, there are apparently 1,000,000 or more who do find truth more appealing than the manufactured versions politicians prefer to feed us.

She didn't do her homework, which is entirely the problem here
I certainly don't object to the truth being known, but I do insist that if you want to claim the mantle of truth teller that you at least be factually accurate and contextually complete.

Rachel Maddow's staff didn't do the proper homework for her last week in airing this spot.  She jumped on a storyline that wasn't factually accurate and contextually complete, and as a result allowed the very people she was trying to hold accountable to craft a defense that itself was not factually accurate and contextually complete.  In other words, her error begat lying; and unfortunately, lying in a way that helped conceal actual corruption.

Because her show handled this story with such sloppiness, every time someone raises the issue of immediate effect, House Republicans can say, "Hey, we already said this after Rachel Maddow devoted a quarter hour to this issue ... we're not doing anything that Democrats didn't do when they controlled the House."

That doesn't serve any of us any useful purpose.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
So confused...
I stopped reading this blog awhile ago because of the continued attack on liberal voices and the defense of Snyder and Co.  I see little has changed.

How can you still be defending Snyder?!?  How can you brush aside the "highly negative" things Snyder is doing (like destroying public schools and their teachers, taking money from the poor, etc.), but attack Maddow and Bernero and Granholm for everything they do?  

I disagree with you about the fantasticness of the emergency manager law, but even if this one effort of Maddow WAS misguided, her overall political and social impact is WAY more positive than Snyder's.  

I guess I just won't get this.

You're looking for Michigan Liberal Propagandists.
That blog is three doors down and to the left.

Seriously, if you get your news entirely from Rachel Maddow, Jennifer Granholm, and Virg Bernero, that probably explains much. I mean, why criticize Virg Bernero? Because he derogated a woman (and a fellow Democrat, to boot), sold out Lansing-area unions, and used racially insensitive language to describe a lobbyist for Native American tribes.

If you're not willing to demand better from what are supposed to be your own people, you're no better than the other side you criticize for being poorly informed.  On the other hand, if you prefer to treat important public policy issues like it's a basketball game and not insist that people first and foremost adhere to factual accuracy, then this really isn't the website for you to be reading.  Trust me, you won't be missed.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Okay, but
You still haven't explained why Snyder gets a free pass.  Is it that you assume the "liberal" people of Michigan already know about the devastation he's caused? I can see that, but I think a lot of laws have been passed that have been ignored by all media. Not to mention his meeting with Governor Walker next week (oh wait, that's just conspiracy-mongering, right?)...

Fair enough about Bernero although I still think he's done some good as well.  

Maddow's net positive impact is so much greater than Snyder's.  That's all I'm saying.  I think the net impact of exposing the harm of the way the EFM law has been enforced may justify some dramatization, but I accept that many disagree.

I may be left of "liberal", but I'm not an idiot.  I get my news from a lot of sources.  This used to be one of my favorite websites.  Is it really "unproductive" to share my opinion that the quality and depth has declined?

[ Parent ]
Being factually wrong is never acceptable
I'm not going to explain Snyder's "free pass." I'm not sure why you think you get to show up someplace and demand something like that. I've had it up to my ears over the years with people who've told me what I'm allowed to write about and how I'm allowed to do it.  It was a wholly tiresome phenomenon during the 2008 Democratic presidential nominating process, and it's gotten no less annoying with time. And -- yes -- I consider it highly unproductive.  I'll let the content of the site, and its many, many posts, make its own case with whether the governor gets a free pass (it could also be that I just happen to think that the Legislature is a much bigger problem than is the governor).

Also, Rachel Maddow has had no net positive impact. She's managed to screw up basic facts every time she's reported a Michigan story, and as a result wound people up over the wrong things.  Last week, she became a laughingstock at having jumped to such a horrible conclusion, and everyone else who picked up her banner joined her.  It's very easy to demand that she be given a pass for that, or that a terrible relationship with factual accuracy be overlooked because it serves some "greater good," but I don't think it does. I think misinformed, irate citizens are always a hazard to good public policy, no matter how much I otherwise agree with them on stuff.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
You are right
It's your site and you can do whatever you want with it.  I'm not demanding anything.  I just think repeatedly leaving Snyder out of the discussion results in the false presentation that he's not harming people.  And that's kind of like lying too.

The legislature is a bigger problem, but they'd be much less of a problem if they didn't have a governor who signed everything they passed.

I disagree on Maddow.  People ARE wound about the right things-- workers rights, attacks on children and the poor, racism, etc.  If these are wrong, what is right?

Why haven't you criticized Tony Trupiano for buying and perpetuating the same "myths" as Maddow?

[ Parent ]
I see. Well, I'm done explaining myself to you...
First off, if you think something is missing here, by all means write your own diaries. If they make the slightest bit of sense and adhere to the basic rules we have on posting they'll probably make it to the front page.

Second, I have no idea what sort of insinuation you're working towards by asking about Tony Trupiano, but I really don't like it. In fact, as noted in the headline, I'm done explaining to you why I do what I do and/or write what I do (or what media I choose to consume).  

Among the Trees

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