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Another stupid rightwing outrage factory

by: Eric B.

Fri Apr 13, 2012 at 11:02:35 AM EDT

Before two days ago, no one had ever heard of Hillary Rosen. I'm not sure that even today I've yet heard of her. That's because she's an irrelevant person. Not to her family, of course, but to the public at large. The only people who'd ever heard of her were her children and husband, and the three people who regularly watch CNN, where she apparently appears as a "Democratic strategist." And no, she's not affiliated with or a surrogate for, the re-election campaign for The Kenyan Pretender.

Then, the other day, she said that Willard's wife hasn't worked a day in her life, which conservatives and Republicans have promptly attempted to make out as even worse than the bills they're passing that a) allow the Legislature to impose itself into the patient-doctor relationship, or b) repeal laws protecting their access to equal pay for equal work. Then, of course, there is Arizona ... sweet, sweet Arizona.

All of this, naturally, is beside the fact that what kicked this all off was Rush Limbaugh's three-day tirade in which he called a woman a slut and a prostitute, and then when criticized over it, thought to defend himself by demanding that every woman who wants health insurance coverage for contraception upload videos to the Internet of themselves having sex. (Let's not neglect to remind, that the month before that that a rightwing ideologue employee of Komen for the Cure had convinced that organization to drop its grant programs that help poor women obtain breast cancer screening support for Planned Parenthood because that organization uses different revenue streams to provide abortion services?)

That gave rise to this, and I would like to be the first in line to throw the bullshit flag.

Women account for 92.3 percent - 858,000 total - of all the jobs lost under President Obama, ...

I just simply do not believe this figure, and am curious what piece of cloth the office of Candice Miller, Congresswoman of the 10th District, invented it from. Oh, I see. Candice Miller used a cooked statistic that no one had any business believing in the first place. Naturally, she is allowed to do so in Henry Payne's Museum for Half-Formed Thoughts unchallenged, where it will be allowed to misinform hundreds of self-deluded teabaggers who will go out into the world and proclaim its accuracy with an undying vigor, and to whom disabusing evidence will be an opportunity to denounce those who offer it as hopelessly, liberally biased.

Meanwhile, Peter Hoekstra takes to Twitter to defend the wife of Mittens.

Now, far be it for me to criticize a stay-at-home mother as not working. Parenting in general is itself difficult work. However, let's address this with some perspective, starting with idea that the wife of a wealthy businessman like Willard Mitt "Mittens" Romney has as difficult a road in parenting as wives of people who get laid off as a result of Mitten's important work in breaking up companies so he and other investors can make another couple million.  As we all know, money opens doors and having an endless supply of it tends to make easier the difficult job most parents have in making choices based on economic limitations.

For instance, the mortgage is due and Junior is once again sick. Do I take the child to the doctor and get a prescription for which the co-pays have once again risen this year, or do I keep him home in hopes that his immune system will kill it off and pay to stay in our home? If you have the financial resources of an Ann Romney, this question doesn't apply to you. If you're underwater on your mortgage because your household income fell by one-third because of contract concessions, however... This is, by the way, assuming that you're not a single mother.

The fact that any of this has reached the point where we have to argue over it is evidence of how stupid we are as a people. It's difficult to believe that there exist people stupid enough to believe that Ann Romney as a parent faces challenges and difficulties approaching those of regular people, and especially single mothers. In fact, it'd downright insulting. To get an idea of just how intellectually bankrupt the entire operation is, they're trying to convince people that more than 9 in 10 people who've lost jobs under Barack Obama are, in fact, women. I mean, they couldn't cook a number that was even mildly believable. For those of you following along at home, hoping to make up your mind based on an objective sense of what's happening, take that as evidence of how much respect the campaign of Willard Mitt "Mittens" Romney has for your intelligence and ability to clearly identify bullshit as it lays on the pavement.

Update! ... Conservative political argument today: Saying something negative about a conservative is worse than actively pursuing policies that make life more difficult for thousands of living, breathing people.

Eric B. :: Another stupid rightwing outrage factory
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Fine rant, but a couple of things....
Hillary Rosen has a partner, not a husband, and two adopted children -- which of course opened up a whole new and even uglier line of attack from some Catholic group.

How ugly? even the Romney campaign's spokesman denounced it.

The other is that Ann Romney, while never having had to make wrenching financial decisions, does suffer from multiple sclerosis, which is an entirely different kind of difficulty.

Of course, Ann has been milking the MS angle for some time -- it doesn't appear to have exacerbated to the point where she no longer can control her limbs because the myelin sheaths protecting her nerves are degraded -- but to denounce her without context just plays into the GOP's counternarrative.

Good thing Rachel Maddow isn't here to call you out, Nelson Muntz-style.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

Except neither of those are even remotely relevant
1. The bit about Hillary Rosen's children is mostly for effect, kind of like the line in Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail where the old archeologist says, "Cortez is dead and so are all his grandchildren." It certainly does nothing to diminish the point that up until a couple of days ago, no one had ever heard of this woman and that now she's being assigned a purpose -- in idiotic fashion -- as a spokeswoman for what's in the heart of the president and all liberals.

2. Nobody has actually denounced Ann Romney.  All anyone did was to say that suggesting that she doesn't suffer the same sort of hardships as your typical American, her physical infirmity aside. In fact, there are probably thousands of sufferers of MS with children who actually have to go to jobs because they need the money.  Nobody begrudges her fortune and the luxury it granted her to stay home and raise her kids. On the other hand, if I recall that her husband faced question of whether his household staff had illegal aliens on it, to which he responded with something like, "Absolutely not ... I'm running for president."  Very few parents have the luxury to employ on their household staff people who legally work in this country, because very few parents can afford to have a household staff at all.  So, she did her job parenting with all its associated plights and travails, but it's hardly the same thing that other people have to go through, especially financially.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
It's easy to understand Rosen
Most women work in high school or college, before marriage.

Most women don't have enough money to have nannies help them raise their children.

The experience of having to get up with an alarm clock, show up at work, and follow a boss's direction (even if the boss is an idiot) is a good one. Sorry, Anne, you haven't had that experience.

Should a comment be made against a candidate's wife? No, unless the candidate himself indicates that his chief source of information about women is his wife, and that Anne is a 'de facto' advisor. So that makes her perspective relevant.

Rosen isn't an advisor or member of the Obama administrationl. She's one of those "pundits." She wasn't very eloquent. But there wasn't a lot of ammunition to object to, either.

RMoney will never understand the mom who has to leave the kids with a sitter and go to work.

Just let them go
The more they rant about how horrible the Left treats "their" women, the more attention they bring to this.  

The strategy this year: Give them enough rope and they'll go ahead and hang themselves.  

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