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Detroit News editorial casually announces disinterest in factual accuracy

by: Eric B.

Sat May 05, 2012 at 11:14:13 AM EDT

If you can't tell the difference between opinion and fact, you have no business writing for an editorial page.


... Armendariz, a top EPA administrator, publicly compared his "philosophy of enforcement" to that of the ancient Roman military practice of randomly crucifying citizens to make the rest more compliant. ...

Except that this isn't what happened at all. Video that Henry Payne posted in his Museum of Half-Formed Thoughts refutes this. That is, it doesn't rebut it, it doesn't raise questions, it thoroughly refutes it.  The guy wasn't talking about a "random" application of violence at all. He was talking about the Roman practice of using directed violence towards people who were causing trouble, and compared that to the EPA aggressively pursuing the worst polluters to make an example out of them. This isn't a difference of opinion; this is the Detroit News fabricating its own facts out of a video that clearly and unambiguously says something entirely different.

It is now also not just the words of a raving loon like Henry Payne, but now the editorial position of the entire paper that Al Armendariz said something that he simply did not. We've heard over the years a lot about the horrible crimes commited by bloggers who place opinions before facts.  Such has been a legitimate complaint. This, however, is the same crime but committed by one of the state's largest newspapers. For all the heat over Rachel Maddow's factual misadventures over Immediate Effect, where is the outrage that the Detroit News helped cost a guy his job by inventing things he said out of his own words?

Eric B. :: Detroit News editorial casually announces disinterest in factual accuracy
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Payne doesn't know Roman history
Under Roman law, a citizen couldn't be crucified.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

You learn something new every day...
I guess I think I maybe heard or read that. It's a bit wonky, don't you think, to expect the likes of Henry Payne to know facts of ancient history when he appears to have suck difficulty in the literal use of the English language.

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