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Pete Hoekstra, human gaffe machine

by: Eric B.

Sat May 12, 2012 at 10:09:53 AM EDT

The problem with Peter Hoekstra is that he's probably not nearly as crazy as your typical Republican primary voter, which means to convince them that he's their best choice for November that he's got to play around with nonsense like this.

WASHINGTON -- After telling an audience this week that he would support drilling in the Great Lakes for oil or gas from onshore, today U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra clarified his remarks, saying it's a state issue and not one for the federal government.

"Pete Hoekstra does not support drilling in the Great Lakes," said his spokesman, Paul Ciaramitaro. "Pete views this is an issue that must be decided at the state-level and not in Washington, where he has voted against it consistently."

What's the difference between Pete Hoekstra and human Etch-a-Sketch Willard Mitt "Mittens" Romney? Hoekstra doesn't possess the same shameless Teflon-like approach to consistency, where it seems natural for him to say absolutely anything to get elected. Most people expect better out of Hoekstra, which means it'll be more difficult after he's peddled his ass to the crazies before November to simply pretend he never said we ought to drill in the Great Lakes.

The problem here is that he's running for the nomination from people who think it's more important to send someone to Washington who'll refuse and generally make governing next to impossible. That's precisely what happened in the state of Michigan, and the state's political media practically developed a case of the vapors when benevolent overlord Rick Michigan showed up and started implementing the same sort of agenda that the recalcitrant Mike Bishop said for years that he'd refuse to budge from. The state's political media promptly fell over itself talking up that there was a new atmosphere in town, even as state government started dismantling the things that made Michigan part of a civilization worthy of the name. That's why GOP primary voters keep thinking that it's okay to nominate the most obstinate, least compromising person imaginable. Each time they do it and it blows up on them, the political press figures out a way to cast the blame on liberals and Democrats.

As for drilling in the Great Lakes, it's difficult to imagine that even the last few remaining responsible Republicans are dumb enough to think that the risk is worth the tiny amounts of petroleum (a globally-traded substance that would hardly be slaked in the slightest by Great Lakes oil at even twice peak production). That could be why a Clark Durant, who doesn't need to prove his conservative chops to anyone, has the freedom to dissent. Tell me again why these people think Obama's newly formed religion on same-sex marriage is a terrible sign of flippity-floppity?

Eric B. :: Pete Hoekstra, human gaffe machine
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There's another side to that coin
That's why GOP primary voters keep thinking that it's okay to nominate the most obstinate, least compromising person imaginable. Each time they do it and it blows up on them, the political press figures out a way to cast the blame on liberals and Democrats.

Sometimes the most obstinate, least compromising person imaginable actually gets elected. In fact, it happens often. Often enough that the Tea Party is the tail that wags the Republican elephant on Capitol Hill (sorry about the mixed metaphor).

Incredibly, President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats still think they can do business with this crowd.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Also, they get criticized by the media when they don't try
If there's one thing the media cult of High Broderism (i.e. your acolytes of Centrism) despise, it's refusing to attempt to compromise even if you know it's a fool's errand. Better to die on your knees tying to work things out with someone who has spent the last decade letting you know in increasing fashion that he has no intention whatsoever of doing so, than to try to actively stop them undermining things everyone but the madman knows are necessary goods.

Among the Trees

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