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Today in "Why do we even bother with a Board of Canvassars?"

by: Eric B.

Sun May 27, 2012 at 10:08:41 AM EDT

Whatever happened to empiricism?

According to a Michigan GOP operative who is following the race, McCotter faces a tough road ahead.

“The board consists of two partisan Dems and two partisan Repubs.They will deadlock at 2-2, which means McCotter would need a judicial intervention," said the operative, "but absentee ballots go out mid-to-late June, so time is against him.”

Assumng this unnamed person -- and can anyone explain why this source's information was so vital to the story that he or she couldn't be named? -- is correct, it's another stirring victory for the "Facts are relative" crowd! The courts have already been tasked to settle questions about font size (which you used to be able to do with a pica pole) and how to arrive at a 2/3 fraction of a set number of people. Now, they're going to have to issue a judicial ruling on how to count to 2,000.

Even if the Board of Canvassars comes down and rules unanimously that either there were or weren't 2,000 valid signatures, and does so honestly, the entire body has obviously lost its credibility. If people don't have any faith that it can function for the public good rather than for the political gain of the two parties, then why we do even bother with it? Why not just get rid of the God damned thing and replace it. Or not. At the same time we get rid of a broken Board of Canvassars, let's also dispense with the nonsense that petitioning government for redress of your grievances, which is what gathering signatures for a ballot question is, is supposed to be difficult. It's a Constitutional-fucking-right.

Finally, in none of the coverage have I seen it pointed out that last year when McCotter was running for president that the coverage said he had what other Republican candidates lacked, which was a reputation for having serious intellectual chops.  Your candidate for the Republican nominee for president doesn't know how to count to 2,000. What does that say about the intellectual chops of the rest of the field, and the party as a whole? 

Eric B. :: Today in "Why do we even bother with a Board of Canvassars?"
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Two things
1. "Judicial intervention?" Hahahaha! Is that code for "Judicial activism?"

2. So they're admitting that the Republicans on the board are partisan?

3. That's not the only thing that speaks ill of the modern Republican Party. This year, the best they could come up with is a wealthy gaffe machine for President and Pete Hoekstra for US Senate. And look at their VP nominee in 2008.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

Unfortunately, for a whole lot of folks, the only relevant questions are:

"Will he keep blacks from getting my money?" (I'm paraphrasing there...)

"Will he keep those sluts from killing babies?"


"Will he put those fags back in the closet?"

Anything else is superfluous, and intellectual chops are a disadvantage.

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