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Ari Adler: Saying vagina has no place in a conversation about vaginas

by: Eric B.

Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 21:27:47 PM EDT

Smell the civility.

To the Capitol Press Corps,

Just to be clear, despite the misinformation being spread by Reps. Brown and Byrum, and Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, there are two representatives not being recognized on the House floor today because of their actions yesterday. It has nothing to do with their gender, their religion or the topic they were discussing. All day today, we have had representatives of both parties, both genders and several different religions passionately debating important issues that will significantly impact the future of Michigan. I would urge you not to become too distracted by temper tantrums designed to score political points.



That would be Ari Adler, spokesman for Jase Bolger, in an e-mail I'm told he sent to the entire Capitol press corps. In it, he essentially confirms that Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum were punished today for saying the words "vagina" and "vasectomy" during a floor debate about a bill regulating what kind of ownership women are allowed to exercise over their reproductive systems. In fact, to do so is to throw a "temper tantrum." In a more enlightened age, he might even suggested that both of them had "a friend in town" ... wink, wink, nudge, nudge, we all know that "they" synchronize when "they" work together.

I really didn't think it possible for the House Republican caucus to top itself in being puerile and awful. I am deeply saddened to report that I was clearly wrong.

Update! ... Let's not forget Ari Adler's past dalliances with arrogantly dismissing angry constituents.

... but why his spokesman Ari Adler was quoted in MIRS the other day saying, "They're acting like the seagulls in Finding Nemo. They're all flying around shouting, 'Mine, mine, mine." in reaction to objections by universities to the Legislature's meddling in their budgets.

Keep in mind that Ari Adler is supposed to be a different kind of Republican because he's young and is part of the Lansing young professional set.

Eric B. :: Ari Adler: Saying vagina has no place in a conversation about vaginas
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Republican Logic
Barring a woman from getting a safe, legal medical procedure = perfectly acceptable
Saying the word "vagina" = unacceptable

Got it.

House Loonies
The ladies should have pointed out the merits of castration as a method of birth control.

Ari Adler...
Strikes me as a world class asshole.  Of course, the guy he works for also gives me that impression so it's not too surprising that he'd be one too.

is the term I had in my head. Yet another "anti-government" winger who's spent most of his life on the public payroll.  

[ Parent ]
The sad thing is,
with a name like that, he may well be Jewish too (e.g., Ari Fleisher from W.'s administration).  Sadly, on occasion our people also contribute detestable right-wing bastards to the body politic.  The good news is that the majority of the time, we vote for folks like Lori Brown, Henry Waxman, etc.

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