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Today in, Past is Prologue

by: Eric B.

Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 17:10:43 PM EDT

What would you call someone who had a string of personal ethical lapses in the past, and didn't seem to learn because they appear to be continuing? You'd call him Brian Banks, state House candidate. The Freep reports on the story of how he was once convicted of a number of fraud-related crimes and after saying he turned over a new leaf it turns out that he didn't.

You'd also call him Jase Bolger, who was sued and had liens placed on his business by the state and federal governments. He wasn't caught, however. He was just elected to office, and moved right up the ranks until he became -- ta-da -- Speaker of the House. There, he was caught up in an election rigging scheme involving the now-politically dead Roy Schmidt.

What's the connection? Well, the one appears to have interested the state's political media, which is good. The other appears to have bored the state's political media, which is terrible. Past is prologue, folks, and this stuff does matter (we note that one of the people running the Jackson operation of the MLive media group published a column today or yesterday saying that you could tell a lot about a public official by how they handled being called out for their missteps). In fact, it ought to matter a lot more for Jase Bolger than it does for Brian Banks, because Bolger is currently serving as the House Speaker.

By the way, benevolent overlord Rick Michigan cut a radio spot for Bolger. If you want to appear to stay above the fray and out of the political nonsense, governor, why would you endorse a guy currently under investigation for possibly enticing someone to commit perjury? Just asking.

Eric B. :: Today in, Past is Prologue
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By the way, benevolent overlord Rick Michigan cut a radio spot for Bolger.

This is unbelievable.  I hope this puts to rest the idea that this guy is some kind of non-partisan moderate.  I could totally understand if he was asked about Bolger and refused to rebuke him, but to endorse the guy and then consciously cut a commercial for him?  Really, Rick?  

Forget the illegality of this (and I hope the grand jury finds what is staring it in the face), this man is so ethically compromised that Republicans - even some very conservatives ones - are tripping on themselves running from him, and yet Rick rushes into this political clusterf%ck?  And, this is the man who said to have a beautiful mind?

I wonder if Bolger is calling in a favor from Snyder?
That, and/or Snyder is the only popular Republican in Michigan who might be able to help him.

Now on Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott: Cotter vs. Jesus and Reagan

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If Snyder
If Snyder is the state's most popular Republican, the GOP is screwed. lol

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Quite shameful
It is a shame that Jase Bolger even when convicted of fraud gets a commercial in his name.This should never have happened.
Current affairs

If Bolger's constituents are dumb enough to re-elect this POS,
they deserve him.

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