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About that fetus tax credit

by: Eric B.

Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 16:01:10 PM EST

Some people have made the obvious point about the Legislature discussing a tax break for fetuses while cutting the tax break for actual, real children. It's a pretty obvious hypocrisy and it continues to suggest that the GOP cares more for masses of cells than it does for people (if Jesus were alive today and saying some of the things he did about the wealthy and the moneychangers and about the poor and meek, they'd brand him a stinking Red and demand that he be deported to Iran).

I'm not entirely opposed to the idea, although as usual they've made a confrontational hash of how to do it properly. They could do this the non-Culture Wars road by setting aside tax credits for certain medical conditions, recognizing that people increasingly pay for things to help them through medical conditions that don't come with a receipt from a medical supply store or a pharmacy. There's food and there's exercise equipment.

It's the same for other medical conditions, like cancer and other chronic illnesses, where medical professionals advise diet changes and exercise as treatment. Plus, there is the physical and emotional toll on both.

What isn't a good idea, obviously, is to define a fetus as a dependent and give it tax breaks. Everyone knows what that's all about, and it ain't about good policy.

Eric B. :: About that fetus tax credit
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Shorter right-to-lifer
"We'll protect you until you're born; after that, you're on your own kid."

Good lord
Again with this sh%t, excuse my French.  I'm glad that the media caught this relatively early, so if this does get out of committee, they'll be forced to own this stupid crap.  Can you tell I'm tired of this?  Take this to Mississippi and leave us the hell alone.

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