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Oh, for fuck's sake

by: Eric B.

Fri Nov 30, 2012 at 19:55:04 PM EST

Reject this bullshit, and tell the governor that if Right to Work is signed that you'll grind things to a halt with a repeal campaign. From Gongwer.

Governor Rick Snyder is floating to unions a way out of having Michigan become a right-to-work state that could involve them agreeing to support or at least remain effectively on the sidelines on an unknown and undetermined series of legislative measures that they would usually vehemently oppose, as well as taking a more passive role in the 2014 elections, sources say.

Friday, sources familiar with discussions said the chances of a right-to-work bill becoming law had fallen to slightly more likely than not after they seemed nearly definite on Wednesday. Unions also appeared to be remaining relatively quiet during the reprieve, and legislative Democrats on Thursday notably had not begun exercising their scorched earth contingency plan of opposing all legislation.

Mr. Snyder's decision to become personally involved in the issue slowed the momentum. He has long said right-to-work is not on his agenda, and while he has reportedly told legislative leadership he would sign a bill if it came to his desk, sources say he is exploring whether there is a way to stop the bill - yet at a legislative price that would satisfy Republican lawmakers, especially in the House, who are itching to pass a right-to-work bill.

The people of Michigan don't want to be a Right to Work state. If given a chance, they'd vote it down in overwhelming margins. There is no need to play nice over this. Tell the governor to cram his deal with walnuts and tell legislative Republicans that if they really want to go down this road that you're willing to do it. Michigan won't embrace Right to Work if it comes to a vote, and there's no need to cave in on this.

Eric B. :: Oh, for fuck's sake
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Snyder is so gone in 2014.  He can't control his own crazy caucus, and he sure as hell isn't going to dictate anything to the Dems.  He's in no position to be promising anything with that crazy-ass caucus to his right who he has absolutely zero control over.

Exactly.  Tell him to take this and shove it.  In the venerable words of one Bill O'Reilly: "F%ck it; we'll do it live!"

Right to Work is a "Declaration of War."
He's gotten by on the fact that he has NOT pushed Right to Work.  If he wants to energize the opposition - he should go ahead and sign it.  

Don't negotiate with terrorists
Snyder shouldn't be blamed too much for trying to blackmail labor into a deal that would deliver for him legislatively, but if Democratic lawmakers sign onto this they will lose me and a lot of other progressive voters.  The effect of this deal would be to hold Democrats and their issues hostage through the 2014 elections, no doubt raising the bar along the way with the threat of Right to Work legislation constantly looming.   What's on the table today?  Emergency manager legislation, more corporate tax cuts, more public employee pension concessions?  Perhaps tomorrow it will be anti-pollution laws, abortion, election laws.  

No deal.  No way.  

Anti-environment laws
They already have several anti-wildlife laws in the queue (e.g., SB 1276).  I hope somebody has been keeping track of it all for the past two years.  It's quite a body of work -- stuff you would have expected of Texas ~10 years ago, rather than here.

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