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Twitchy unions

by: Eric B.

Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 14:40:40 PM EST

I don't know who writes headlines for MLive, but the one for this story on Right to Work is terrible.

• Richardville says there are a wide variety of opinions in the Senate Republican caucus on right-to-work: “They have personal beliefs, they have beliefs that they think reflect upon their district and the people that sent them there, and they’re also looking at what kind of effect does this have on the state, on the workplace itself. They’re looking at it a lot of different ways. It is a pretty wide range of views on it.”

There's a video floating around in which the Chamber's CEO very clearly said that the Chamber doesn't support Right to Work. The governor, Thursday, told labor to talk to business. If the Chamber opposes it, however, that means business opposes Right to Work. If labor and management both oppose Right to Work, why are we having this discussion?

Oh yes, Republican lawmakers are primarily concerned with games of power and punishing political opponents.

Eric B. :: Twitchy unions
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Twitchy unions | 2 comments
I think
I think it has more to do with the first point Richardville gave than anything else.  This is a personal and party belief held among Republicans for decades, now.  The only difference is that they finally have the complete control of government, and have been (stupidly) emboldened by what Walker was able to get away with in Wisconsin.  

Sure, some of it's payback, but they've been raising the specter of Right-to-Work-(for-Less) long before they were looking for payback.  They are true believers in the cult in the Republican Party built around transfering wealth to the "job creators."  They seem to be on a single mind about this, truth and facts be damned.  They will not be sated until every last penny in the world is in the pockets of the "makers", the "deserving."  It's a proundly sick ideology, and one I don't think for a minute that they are faking for simple revenge.  This is so much more dangerous than simple revenge.  

I also do not want folks to ever forget that the only reason labor finally pulled the trigger and put together Proposal 2 was because RTW talk had started to ramp up, again, in 2010 in the Red Wave after having lain dormant.  RTW was coming hell or high water, and I hate to see the media misrepresenting why Prop 2 was put forward.  I've seen quite a few Lansing pundits with the concern-trolling "if only unions wouldn't have put up Prop 2, this would never be happening."

Money and power
For legislative Republicans and the DeVos wing of the GOP, passing Right to Work means eliminating about a third of union revenue in Michigan. That's less money for Democrats.  Irresistible for them, I suspect.  

Twitchy unions | 2 comments

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