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Yesterday it was the working man, today it's the uterus...

by: Eric B.

Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 11:58:37 AM EST

During yesterday's circus, Michigan public radio posted this story to remind us that unions aren't the only thing being assaulted this lame duck session.

-          Abortion: there’s a package of abortion bills pending that would make it dramatically tougher for a woman to get and pay for an abortion. Insurance companies could no longer cover abortions under their regular plans, unless the woman’s life is on the line. So women would have to buy additional abortion insurance ahead of time, just to cover the one procedure. 

This is moving today. I think we're all aware that the reason why we're seeing it now is because if they'd a moved it before the election they would have lost the House.

It's not just stupid. It's offensively stupid.

Eric B. :: Yesterday it was the working man, today it's the uterus...
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Damned Reps just are offensive, in so many ways.

I don't care how distasteful is, I want some blood.  I want to see opposition research over every member that has voted for this crazy sh%t in the lameduck.  I want to see scandals.  I want to see (appropriate) recalls.  I want to see legal challenges.  There should not be a single moment of comfort for any of them for the next two years for declaring this war on the constituents.  If we have to go guerilla because we don't have the numbers in the government, so be it.  Bolger is tempting electoral fate; perhaps we need to help move fate along.

I guess
It's good news gays have no rights whatsoever in Michigan, so there's nothing the Reps can take from us. It's a good thing MCL 750.158 was superseded by the Lawrence decision, else the Reps would be making it a 50-year felony, or maybe life without parole.

So let's get creative with the conscience exception
Nurses Union: We're sorry, but we cannot in good conscience serve scabs. You didn't pay your union dues. You'll have to wait until a non-union nurse comes on shift. And we cannot in good conscience give you a referral to another hospital, unless it's life threatening. (But nothing qualifies as life threatening.)

Teachers Union: We're sorry, but we cannot in good conscience serve scabs. Your parents didn't pay their union dues. You'll have to apply for a non-union classroom. And we cannot in good conscience give you a referral, unless it's life threatening. (But nothing qualifies as life threatening.)

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