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The biggest disappointment is the Grand Rapids Press' editorial

by: Eric B.

Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 17:38:16 PM EST

What a terrible editorial from the Grand Rapids Press. It's supposed to be one of those dumb, "Everyone is guilty, there are no innocent victims" editorials that makes me want to drill a hole into my own frontal lobes. It's even worse than their endorsement of Justin Amash, which essentially said, "You can do it, Lil' Fella. We believe in you!"

If union opponents were hoping to portray organized labor as unruly, they got the images they were hoping for, as an angry group tore down a tent, state police stood in riot gear and Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa in a television interview promised “a civil war.” There are ways to passionately debate legislative activity without resorting to actions that cast an unflattering light on union members across the state to a national audience.

For a rebuttal, we go to TPM, in an article headlined, "New Villian Emerges In AFP Tent-Gate: Guy Fawkes-Masked ‘Radical Anarchists.’"

A spokesperson for conservative group Americans For Prosperity told TPM on Thursday the tent’s collapse this week during protests outside the state capitol may have been instigated not by union protesters — some of whom were “helping us” after the tent collapse, she said — but rather by “radical anarchists” wearing Guy Fawkes masks and coming from the Occupy movement.

By the way, that jackass Fox News contributor who said he has footage of someone assaulting him? Won't help the cops investigate the crime he keeps bellowing about. At some point, the fact that these stories keep changing will maybe start what's left of the political media to start asking if any of these people can be believed.

As for the rest of the editorial, it goes on to criticize legislators. Not for doing things like rushing the bill through in one day without committee hearings or public input, or for inserting poison pill language in it to prevent a citizens' referendum and make court challenges more difficult, but because Doug Geiss made a threatening comment.

What a joke.

Eric B. :: The biggest disappointment is the Grand Rapids Press' editorial
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Off topic, but does anyone have the partisan vote breakdown for how the state senate voted on the new emergency manager law?  I see reading the state journal that the law passed there 23-15 meaning that there was likely three Republicans senators (maybe two if a Dem was missing) that voted against it.  I want their names.

Regardless of the issue, concurrent with targeting particular Republican senators and representatives in 2014, I'd also like to see us identify potential swing Republicans in the next session, and launch charm offensives to encourage and incentivize aisle crossing on particularly offensive and repugnant tea party legislation we'll have to deal with over the nexy two years.  As has been made note of, had Right to Mooch came up just a month later, Snyder would have lost the vote in the house and this thing would have been dead in the water.

Sorry to take this off topic, but I just want to make the point that along with punishing bad legislative behavior we could also do ourselves well by encouraging good legislative behavior.

Caswell, Schuitmaker, Kowall
The Senate passed SB 865 on a largely party-line vote, 23-15, with three Republicans - Sen. Bruce Caswell of Hillsdale, Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker of Lawton and Sen. Mike Kowall of White Lake - voting with Democrats in opposition.

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I don't know Caswell, but I know Schuitmaker and Kowall to be repugnant on so many other important issues.  That was disappointing; I was hoping that it was some of the other Republicans more known for their bipartisanship. lol

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Oh! Em! Gee!



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