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Grim truth on "trained" citizens carrying concealed firearms

by: Eric B.

Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 00:05:36 AM EST

When I was in the service, I was lucky enough to have never had a shot in anger fired in my direction. In fact, no shots were fired in any direction anywhere around me. The closest I came to conflict was the time we were ordered out of a port visit in Corfu, Greece, to go sit between the Greeks and Turks when they nearly went to war over a sheep-covered rock in the middle of the Aegean.

Actually, the closest I came to combat was talking to a guy who'd seen it in Mogadishu as part of a specialized Marine anti-terrorism unit. These are the same guys who got sent to Benghazi in September. Okay, not the same guys. Same unit. By now, all those guys are probably mostly out of the Marines.

Keep in mind these were elite Marines who trained day-in and day-out to get shot at as I paraphrase his description of what happened the first time they came under fire by the Somali militias: They took fire and all Hell broke loose. Marines fired in every direction. The discipline they had in training didn't exist. They blew through ammo like it was water in a squirt gun. The .50 caliber machine gun on the Hummer blew through cinder block walls and killled civilians three blocks away.

Alright, just so we're clear on this ... highly-trained, elite Marines the first time they came under fire freaked the fuck out and shot at anything in sight. They didn't know if it were friend or foe. They were terrified and just opened up on anything that moved out of a sense of self-preservation. And, people who didn't need to die did so.

Let's apply this lesson to current events.

Gun rights advocates say concealed pistol holders can help keep the public safe by stopping violent situations before police are called to the scene. Connecticut law does not allow firearms on school property.

I'm normally a fan of Rick Pluta's reporting, but in this case he's let us down. There's the shit that gun rights advocates say would happen, and there's the shit that people who understand the stress of combat and how it affects people with guns might react say. The two groups of people may very well have different viewpoints on how barely trained people might react under the extreme duress of what amounts to combat. It would have been helpful if he'd contacted people familiar with how combat affects people and asked them whether people with very modest training might respond the first time they get shot at.

I'm fairly confident it wouldn't be, "They'd shoot straight and still be able to account for all their bullets and not hit anyone who didn't deserve to be hit."

This is legislation that's not worth a gubernatorial signature. The odd thing is that if Rick Michigan does the smart thing -- which is certainly not a lock -- he'd be better on gun control than his predecessor, who's been screaming on Currrent TV the last few days about it.

Eric B. :: Grim truth on "trained" citizens carrying concealed firearms
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