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Snyder to sign abortion bills

by: Eric B.

Fri Dec 28, 2012 at 15:58:24 PM EST

From the New York Times this morning.

The state’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder, can show real leadership and demonstrate respect for women in his state by refusing to sign these ideologically driven bills into law.

Or, he can split the difference and sign some of the ideologically driven bills into law but veto the Blues restructuring that even Bill Schuette thought went too far.

He's a CEO-style executive, you know, not a politician.

Eric B. :: Snyder to sign abortion bills
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What a horrible, man-shaped entity this governor is.  Even in victory he's a weasel.

Had Dapper Andy Dillon been elected...
He would have signed them as well.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

Out of curiosity, what does this have to do with anything?

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Hating on Andy Dillon is what we do here
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I hate
I hate Andy as next as the next liberal, but that just seemed like totally unrelated troll-bait I had to say something.  Honestly, who gives a flying f%ck if Andy Dillon would have signed this?  Andy Dillon is neither the governor, nor was he the Democratic Party's nominee in 2010, thank god.

Back sort of on topic, Rick has done more in one month to move this state into Mississippi territory than Engler dreamed about during his entire dictatorship.

The banality of evil, indeed.  We know have some of the toughest recall laws in the nation of those states that allow them.  We've got some of the most stringent abortion laws in the region.  Our union laws have been rolled back to Indiana standards.  Our educational system is one of the most poorly in the North.  Our roads are and will continue to be utter shit because...freedom or some crap.  Our laws have got to be some of the least friendly to the LGBT community outside the South...what am I missing?  

Honestly, we can't even pretend to be a high-brow state like we have been for some time.  If I thought we could recall this guy, I'd sign a petition and rotate it in a hot minute, because we've got two more years of this regressive shit.

"Relentless positive action" my ass.  Well, he's got the "relentless" part of it right.  Even if we do by some miracle get every branch of government back in 2014, it's going to take years to reverse this stuff, and knowing Democrats, they'll campaign on overturning this stuff and then leave it in place once they get into power out of fear of "offending" the electorate.

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the devil you know is better then devil you don't

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