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Henry Payne, distilled

by: Eric B.

Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 13:00:00 PM EST

Crackpot conspiracy theorist and curator of the eponymously named Henry Payne's Museum for Half-Formed Thoughts Henry Payne thrills at the news that he can spend another year adding to his hoard of inefficient incandescent lightbulbs.

The EPA's ban on the common light bulb has been staved off for another year thanks to Michigan Rep. Fred Upton and House Republicans. A year ago, Upton & Co. short-circuited the Obama administration's elimination of the incandescent bulb by inserting language in the annual omnibus Appropriations Bill defunding federal energy standards that would have made the bulb illegal for sale.

Those are lightbulb efficieny standards, by the way, that lightbulb manufacturers themselves requested and worked on.

But our point here is made a couple of paragraphs after.

The bulb ban, of course, is the poster child of Obama's zealous War on Carbon.

It's a war that dates back to the Bush Administration which originally targeted the bulb for the scrap heap - despite the fact that incandescents make for 85 percent of bulb purchases. Upton was Bush's bagman for the bulb ban. But after a national outcry over the bulb's looming elimination, Upton saw the, um, light - and did yeoman's work in correcting his mistake.

Why that crafty secret Muslim anti-colonialist born in Kenya, he waged war as president even before he announced his intentions to run for president.

Eric B. :: Henry Payne, distilled
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I'm surprised
he's not whining over the fact that you can't buy them 4 for a dollar any more. Note to Henry: go in Menards or Lowes, and look at all the light bulbs on the shelves. Notice that there are row after row of CFLs, LEDs, and halogens, and only a tiny sliver of space devoted to incandescents? That's because most people have figured out that a bulb that uses 1/4 the power and lasts 7 times as long is a better deal.

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