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Medical decisions made by assholes in suits

by: Eric B.

Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 12:21:51 PM EST

Next year, if there aren't any school massacres in the state of Michigan, I'll know what to credit.

For all their immense, intense and emotional-filled differences, abortion rights advocates and opponents agree on this: Abortion clinics may close because of a new Michigan law that requires they get a license. But that's where the agreement ends.

Depending on which side you stand on, clinic doors might swing shut either because they can't afford to meet onerous licensing standards or because they endanger women's health.

Thus, bringing to an end a culture that devalues life by ending it before it begins and causing murderous lunatics to have a change in heart before they carry an AR-15 into a bar and gunning down the patrons.

By the way, the Freep had a spot-on editorial about the gutless wonder who is our governor. He had a chance to show some wisdom but at the end of the day actually went through with chopping the baby in half.

Eric B. :: Medical decisions made by assholes in suits
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I thought the conservatives were about free markets.  When it comes to abortion, however, they are not only for regulation, but regulation to the point of legislating what a doctor has to ask of a patient in his or her office and/or clinic.

You know, they've done more damage in a single month (or even a single year if you want to give them the fact that some of this shit was in the pipeline all year) than could have been imagined by any decent person.  It will takes year to roll this back, and that's if by some miracle we win back the house, senate, and governorship all at once next season (I'm certain we'll get back the house and that's about it), and that's if the Democrats even want to roll all of this back.  Because, say what you will about Republicans, but you know where they stand, because they are a naked kind of evil.  I'm despairing, and it doesn't feel good.

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