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The pikers of Belle Isle

by: Eric B.

Sat Jan 12, 2013 at 14:00:00 PM EST

Isn't this rich?

A suburban developer has come up with an idea that sounds like fiction, perhaps from a novel by Ayn Rand:  Sell the city's Belle Isle park for $1 billion to private investors who will transform it into a free-market utopia.

The 982-acre island would then be developed into a U.S. commonwealth, or city-state, of 35,000 people with its own laws, customs and currency, reports Louis Aguilar in The Detroit News.

In other words, they want the benefits of being part of the United States without the actual responsibilities of being Americans. That is, unless they're really interested in doing this properly, which would mean swearing off the federal aid that independent commonwealths get as American territories.

No? Didn't think so.

Eric B. :: The pikers of Belle Isle
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Free-riding mentality is contagious
This Belle Isle deal of creating a place where a community is created that free rides from the public goods produced elsewhere has caught the spirit behind right-to-work laws.  Of course, this so-called utopia is a pipedream for libertarians and free market advocates who don't mind undermining our city, county, state and national governments in futherance of their ideology. It is plainly an attempt at secession.  I thought that secession as an option was ended by means of a very bloody and costly civil war.

Pikers of Belle Isle
The City of Detroit could really use ONE BILLION, It would take them about Six months to piss that much money away. but at least the Politically connected would have enough to slip away to a "Frendly Country!!
As far as the "devolopers" are concerned .. They need to here the "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT YOURSELF"  

Good luck with that
So.... you want to take a piece of land that is part of the United States of America and make it NOT a part of the United States of America.  

I think that's been tried.  

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