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Tonight, our benevolent overlord graces us with his sweet, sweet words

by: Eric B.

Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 12:42:11 PM EST

Today, Michigan's political and media elite prepare for the governor's third State of the State address. The rest of the state prepares to do something else.

Already, the street is abuzz with talk about road funding. Others are parsing a speech not yet given about whether he'll bridge the partisan gap he and the Republican majority created last lame duck for no real good reason.

Me, frankly I don't care what he says. The first State of the State I paid attention to, the state's media whipped up on Jennifer Granholm for not specifically saying that we needed to raise taxes. Then, she said we needed to raise taxes, and they whipped up on her for that. In the end, we got an income tax hike and the Michigan Business Tax. In other words, it's mostly just political theater put on for a very small, exclusive audience.

Eric B. :: Tonight, our benevolent overlord graces us with his sweet, sweet words
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The State of the Tie-less One
Portion of Governor Tie-less' inaugural 2011 speech that bears reminder:

"We can heed his words and enter this new year with a clean slate. Our legacy will be found in the future, the opportunity we create for Michigan's coming generations. The underlying key to success, though, is to change our culture. We need to move from negative to positive. We need to stop looking in the rearview mirror and look toward the future. We need to stop being divisive and become inclusive.

"We have spent too much time fighting among ourselves and become our own worst enemy. This will not be simple or easy. There are no magic solutions to our problems. But with most problems, there also comes opportunity. I've been hired to represent all of the people of the state of Michigan and to move us all forward together. It will require shared sacrifice from all of us. Many have already made sacrifices. Many of us need to join those who have already contributed. When we make changes like this, we are faced with the realization many of us will have to take a step back in the short term to move us all forward together in the long term."

I'm still waiting for that "shared sacrifice."

Many of us need to join those who have already contributed.

Meant moochers needed to pay taxes on their pensions. After all, job creators had already paid for those pensions – "already contributed" – and needed a tax break.

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I'm usually
I'm usually up for political theater, but after the whole right-to-mooch bull, I honestly don't give a damn about anything else he says.  Republicans can sit around and debate what kind of governor he is or still wants to be, I don't care, because I already know.  Let him use his 59 house members and 26 senate members to do whatever else he has to do.  And when his speaker is ousted, let him find another.  I couldn't possibly care any less.

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