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Proposal 2 bloodletting begins in the Democratic Party

by: Eric B.

Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 09:35:48 AM EST

Mark Brewer is running for another term as MDP chairman, but won't have the support of the UAW, according to MIRS.

Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) Chair Mark BREWER told UAW President Bob KING today he would be running for another term as chair with or without support of the party's largest political donor, sources tell MIRS.

To that, King told Brewer he would not be supporting Brewer's return as chair and would cut off funding for the party if he managed to succeed in his re-election without UAW support, according to these sources with knowledge of the conversation.

One party insider described King's threat as "the temper-tantrum school of politics," adding he seems "more than happy being in a minority, a shrinking minority, than growing the Democratic Party."

It's also expected that King will no longer be president of the UAW after his term expires.

This wasn't the only cracks to appear in Labor's coalition, according to MIRS. The president of a local for the United Food and Commercial Workes circulated a scathing letter than alternately attacked AFL-CIO president Karla Swift and Jill Alper over the management of last year's Proposal 2 campaign.

Robinson argues that in order to "preserve the labor movement, we must identify the party who spearheaded" Prop 2, the collective bargaining
amendment, and "have them take ownership, and explain their actions and results. We do this not to lay blame, but to discover the past to secure our future."

As a matter of course, I don't take positions on the specifics of internal Democratic Party dynamics, because I'm not a dues paying member, but overall this is, I think, a very healthy thing for this conversation to take place.

Update! ... Here's a PDF copy of the letter Robinson sent to the rest the labor coalition.

This also brings into question the professionals hired to run the campaign and develop strategy. It appears to me that the same group that drove the bus and failed in November have now been handed the wheel again. If the bus driver took us off a cliff previously, why would we get back on for another ride? It became very obvious to me major changes were in order. With so many unanswered questions, and unresolved logistical issues, how could we be successful?

This is an ongoing theme for Michigan Democrats ... stick with the people who screwed things up. Don't learn, don't try new things, don't give other people a shot. Maintain the status quo. This was reflected by the insider quoted in the Mark Brewer piece about Bob King ... maintain your own shrinking fiefdom before trying to grow the state Democratic Party.

Eric B. :: Proposal 2 bloodletting begins in the Democratic Party
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On December 11, the labor/progressive movement
turned out 15,000 people in Lansing, outdoors in the cold weather, to protest Right to Work for Less.  If we could turn out only 1,000 if these, INDOORS in Lansing on February 23, we could stampede the convention.

Over the years, these conventions have evolved from decision-making bodies into mere pep rallies.  In 1972, I began attending them, and people were so eager to go that one person would cast about only about 1/3 of a vote.  I recall that at a more recent convention, I cast 3.27 votes.  People are staying home.  They can watch a pep rally on tv.  It's not as though the convention slogged through votes on everything, back in the day. But the party leadership knew that the rank-and-file had to be consulted before they drew up the slates.

We need to take back this deliberative process.  We cannot rest easy with a choice between two factions, both wedded to the same old ways.  We started a real movement in this state last month.  It would be a mortal shame if we do not continue the hard work necessary to continue that movement.  We owe it to our children and grandchildren to arrest our long national slide into "Plutocracy with a Human Face."

I'm no fan of Brewer as of late, but I'm less of a fan of Failure Bob King handpicking a loyal minion.

[ Parent ]
You've inspired me.
For the first time in several years, I've just paid $20 to the MDP and officially renewed my membership.  before midnight, I should emphasize, so I can be one of the appalled masses at the Lansing Center on Feb. 23.

[ Parent ]
You'll be appalled at the Lansing Center that day
But it won't be because you'll be with fellow appalled Democrats.  That's where the Michigan Republican Party is holding their convention.  The Michigan Democratic Party will be at the Cobo Center in Detroit.  See you there!

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

[ Parent ]
Shows how little I pay attention.
Thanks - I'll try to show up at the correct convention.

[ Parent ]
Membership gave no decision making
I was a member and got onto State Central, blah blah.  It was all window dressing.  Decision making was already done.  The people who are in control make it hard for anyone new to do anything.

[ Parent ]
An Idea
Reform Michigan Government Now! Or, REFORM MICHIGAN DEMOCRATS NOW?

We must do the latter
in order to do the former.

[ Parent ]
Unions know how to play the game
Unions know how to play the game and get their people to the show.  You would have to have some kind of organization to get some kind say in what's going on.

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