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Jack Lessenberry on Mark Brewer's fight for life

by: Eric B.

Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 12:30:25 PM EST

Lessenberry drops the name of a credible challenger to Mark Brewer that I haven't seen yet.

But for the first time in a long time, there appears to be an attractive candidate to succeed him, Lon Johnson, a skilled fundraiser with close ties to the Obama Administration.

If they're going to name an Obama person as the new party chair, they ought to go all the way and look to what OFA did to get all those votes out in November, and how the OFA was largely responsible for Democratic successes in 2008, and figure out how to copy it and apply it to Michigan.

Do what wins elections, not the same old stuff that loses them. Just a suggestion.

Eric B. :: Jack Lessenberry on Mark Brewer's fight for life
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Cutting off your nose to spite your face
Brewer has draw backs like all humans have draw backs. I think we will risk losing much more then we gain by changing for change sake. The buck might stop with him but dropping all the shortcomings in '12 or '10 for that matter at his feet is wrong.
It is just laughable to me that Bob King and the UAW are calling Lon there candidate for change because Brewers gotta go. What the hell? It was Bob King that got us into such a mess with RTW and Prop2, which were really the main shortcomings in '12. Sure we didn't take back the house but we came real dam close and are in better shape going forward and no we didn't pick up a CD but the 1st was among the most competitive and closes races in the nation. Outside of CD1 we don't really have another competitive CD seat besides maybe the 3rd with Amash but even all the cash spent there we fell pretty short.

Bottom line if I had one finger to point at the shortcomings in '12 or any type of systemic problem within the MDP I would point at Bob King and the UAW not Mark Brewer. Hell the main does 10 jobs and maybe it is time for him to be a chair that does 5 but giving him the boot because of the UAW is not only crazy it will cost some cash to get a lawyer as well trained as Mark to be at our beckon call.

That's my two cents.

A "well-trained" lawyer wouldn't have signed off on RMGN
'Nuff said.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]
A Plain Read
A plain read of the Michigan constitution would have, could have, should have, altered a Stanford trained attorney, with a Harvard College undergrad, practicing as an election law specialist that RMGN would be struck down by the courts.

And Brewer kept the efforts under wrap, not even getting feedback from Democratic legislators who's ranks and pay would have been cut if the proposal was successful.  

[ Parent ]
Grand Jury
I for one would like Brewer to tell us why he was called to testify before the Oakland County grand jury on the fake "Tea Party" fiasco involving, now convicted, former OCDP Chairman Michael McGuinness and ex-operations director Jason Bauer.

A grand jury, by-the-way, brought by a Democratic prosecutor.

[ Parent ]
I will just reply kinda in blanket that, yes everyone has shortcomings and I would ask was the UAW the driving money and people push behind a lot of shortcomings? Most of the time yes, so why walk the plank with there guy.

Brewer had to testify in front of a partisan grand jury just like Bolger and his team is in Ingham county. Sure great. The stunt was practically halve of Ruth Johnson's campaign if I remember right. The key is the outcome, how many times is the MDP found in violation of anything? They aren't because it has to pass by Brewer.

[ Parent ]
I doubt former Judge Edward Sosnick could be considered a "partisan" one-man grand jury. The grand jury was brought by Democratic Prosecutor Jessica Cooper.

The more you post the more it seems like you are a Brewer apologist.

[ Parent ]
L. Brooks Patterson requested the investigation with Ruth Johnson on stage with him.

[ Parent ]
Yeah, They Did
Along with Bouchard, you dope.

[ Parent ]
Yes it is me. I am the why reason and legitimate points are wrong. It is Mark Brewers fault that redistricting law is the way it is, and it is his fault because of house and senate decisions. It is his fault two kids made a fake tea party in the sloppiest way you ever could. Sure the MDP isn't found in violation of anything but these two genuineness managed to leave the biggest trail and the easiest case they could. Must have Brewers prints all over it. Hey I heard we lost a race somewhere, probably brewers fault.

[ Parent ]
The Crapy Weather
If Brewer wants to take credit for Democratic successes like the election of Justice Diane Hathaway and good weather, then he needs to take the hit on Hathaway and the crappy weather we have.

Why was he forced to testify before the Grand Jury?

[ Parent ]
It's called subpoena power. The face of the MDP took credit for a MDP success, crazy concept.

The idea that he should have vetted her and it is his fault is half baked and wrong. If that information was accessible to anybody no matter how much it cost or how many stones it would take to turn over I would have seen it on TV paid for by the MRP. Saying crap like Brewer should have smelled it, shady people are always shady is just about dumbest thing I've ever heard. If it was that easy we would not have politicians caught in any scandals anywhere. Lol just apply the logic to the DNC. Is it the NY chair's fault he did not find out before or didn't just sense that Anthony Wiener liked sending dick pics to chick on Twitter?

[ Parent ]
A Subpoena
Is not an invitation, why was he forced to testify before the grand jury?

[ Parent ]
Someone with no understanding of how a party structure works would most likely blame the chair for everything from "union control", not having legislative majorities to not having a justice "properly" vetted when no one including her poppets opponents knew. The logic is beyond flawed.

Is it the NY chair's fault he did not find out before or didn't just sense that Anthony Wiener liked sending dick pics to chick on Twitter?

[ Parent ]
is making much better points. I'm definitely open to looking at Lon Johnson as a Chair candidate. But the notion that Brewer is to blame for all the MDP's problems is naive, as BlueBoxing points out. One must understand how a political party works to comment on these issues knowledgeably.  

[ Parent ]
Solely responsible? No. Bears "Buck Stops Here" general responsibility? Yep.
How many of us groaned when the Thaddeus McCotter petition fracas never touched the former Congressman once he resigned?

Similar issues here...

McCotter either KNEW what his staff was up to (making him a total asshole for throwing them under the bus to save his own sorry hide and three government pensions), or SHOULD have known and practiced minimal managerial oversight to STOP it before it became criminal election fraud (making him utterly unqualified to serve in any leadership capacity whatsoever, and his claim to three government pensions an ongoing act of malfeasance).

As for Mark Brewer: All the MDP's mistakes, miscues and poor decisions cited on this post and comments ultimately reflect on the Chairman these past 18 years. If he wasn't directly to blame for the Fake Tea Party, or overlooking Diane Hathaway's pending financial troubles, or the 2008 primary fiasco, or Geoff Feiger, or David Leyton, or-or-or...

...as the Chairman he should still have done more to take personal responsibility, and a lot more to PREVENT the mistakes/miscues/whatever from happening again.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]
BlueBoxing's arguments can be summed-up thus: "More of the same."

[ Parent ]
I don't care if Mark is forced out or not, but that is a really silly example to bring up.  Jessica Cooper is about as much a Democrat as I am a Republican.  Hell, we'd be almost just as well off if a Republican held her job.  She's not some honest broker.

[ Parent ]
I differ with you in that I couldn't care less if Mark was ousted, but it is pretty rich that the guy that was snuggled up next to him just a few months ago and completely and utterly complicit in sinking a lot of our chances in November is now the guy leading the charge to oust his partner in crime.

Someone can be against Brewer, but for the guy with absolutely no credibility - and who most folks blame for our losses - to lead the charge is just plain galling in its hubris.  It speaks more to King's character than Brewer's, that's for damned sure.

[ Parent ]
I don't get how someone could be against Brewer but for Bob King's effort. I care more so about the lack of logic behind following King who I see far more at fault when it comes to major agenda setting decisions and pushes. I would rather have Brewer without the UAW then some other person that with the UAW.

[ Parent ]
I trust rank and file UAW members and certain locals, but boy has the leadership been the single biggest contributor to the problems with the party.  As you said, if anything, were it not for national UAW meddling, I'm really not sure that there is much of a case to oust Brewer beyond simply needing a change in leadership and new blood.  

If someone would present me with someone that has a record of winning, I could get behind ousting Brewer, but for a UAW-backed challenge?  Are you f%cking kidding me?  This is turning into "any stick to beat a horse" territory.

[ Parent ]
It would be good
to have someone come in and ask the questions that need to be asked. Such as:

How is it this party wasn't at all competitive in the 99th HD last fall? And the 108th, 66th, 85th, and 56th?

How is it this party hasn't elected a SoS since '90 or an AG since '98?

How is it this party hasn't had a majority in the senate since 19-frigging-83?

And then said someone has to hire the operatives to change things around.

For too long the MDP has been satisfied to be a top-of-the-ticket (Prez, Senator, and sometimes Gov) party.

My short list of things Mark Brewer should have to answer for...
Vetting Diane Hathaway.

The Reform Michigan Government Now amendment fiasco.

The Presidential Primary in January 2008, in which Michigan broke the rules and earned national ridicule, while its delegation became pawns (along with Florida's) in the months-long Seat Them/Don't Seat Them drama between the Clinton and Obama camps (remember XavierLA going on and on and on about it?).

"Clearing the decks" throughout 2009 for John Cherry's inevitable run for Governor.

Rejecting Richard Bernstein  -- a self-funder with enormous statewide name recognition and a compelling life story -- for AG in 2010, in favor of the already-forgotten David Leyton.

Failing to see the futility of chasing good money after Virg Bernero's quixotic campaign -- money that COULD have been used to get elevate Jocelyn Benson to SoS and/or elect Justice Alton Davis to the Supreme Court.

Allowing Republicans to retake the House and gain a Senate supermajority in 2010. From gerrymandering and PA 4 to RTW and the new EM law (not to mention the HUNDREDS of other laws passed on everything from new taxes on the middle class, retirees and the working poor, to curtailing abortion rights, to greenlighting for-profit charter and cyber schools), this MDP failure looms the largest.

The "Fake Tea Party" nonsense in Oakland County -- did Mark Brewer throw Mike McGuinness and Jacob Bauer under the bus? Never mind that the glow of publicity Ruth Johnson got for "busting" the "scheme" fast-tracked her to the GOP SoS nomination.

And, of course, everything we could have done different or better in 2012 -- such as the MDP's failure to endorse Proposal 3 because...why again?

Without OFA, its volunteers and the great technology we were able to leverage, Willard "Mitt" Romney would have tried harder to win here...and it might have worked.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

One More Effect of Brewer
The redistricting put in place by the GOP, without challenge, pushed 10 Democrats in the state house and, oh, I forget how many, in Congress to run against one another. Wasting MORE money.

[ Parent ]
Maybe 8 not 10

[ Parent ]
That is really wild. It is his fault that the Democratic party can not stop redistricting because they did not challenge? He is to blame for Democratic primaries?

[ Parent ]
Why did Brewer continually undercut Congressional candidates in 2012? From bad mouthing campaigns to the DCCC to intentionally misleading on mail run deadlines - what was Brewer's motive in playing games with Congressional campaigns?

[ Parent ]
Do you have some specifics on that?
Which campaigns -- McDowell, Pestka, Enderle, Taj?

I can only speak for the 11th, but it appeared on the surface that Dr. Taj was positioned to be competitive, but the wealthier Oakland County communities added to the 11th went for the guy with the (R) by his name -- a reflex action mixed with good old fashioned anti-Muslim prejudice.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]
If you think the MDP and Brewer is the end all be all and responsible for all the decision making sure. The fact of the matter is both caucuses call most there shots. So don't forget to throw all of Senate and House leadership for the past 20 years under the bus while you're at it.

[ Parent ]
Not to mention all of the folks that sit at the table who are friends of progressive issues that put up the cash. Brewer is more likely to be a super hero then some kind of wizard that can bring all of those people and groups together and somehow call the shots like a puppet master for 20 years.

I am not sure if people get how crazy it sounds to blame one person, solely him for some great big list of dem failures. This must honestly be what these tea party people thought that ousted the MI RNC leadership.

[ Parent ]
Super Hero?

[ Parent ]
I got it Mark Brewer should go because of:

everything we could have done different or better in 2012

I rest my case.

[ Parent ]
18 years of Failure
I rest your case.

[ Parent ]
Yes 18 years of everything we could have done better or different. I can't imagine why such a well informed or logical voter would think in any other way.

[ Parent ]
I can not believe I voted for Obama I mean during the past 4 years he could have done everything better or different.

[ Parent ]
I Forgot
According to you, Brewer is a Super Hero.

[ Parent ]
Brewer is more likely to be a super hero then some kind of wizard that can bring all of those people and groups together and somehow call the shots like a puppet master for 20 years.

[ Parent ]
Oh ferchrissake!
As much as I've disagreed with Obama at times, at the end of 8 years he will leave the U.S. better off than it was when he took office.

In what ways are the MDP or Democrats institutionally better off than they were when Brewer was elected in the aftermath of the '94 debacle? Okay, Stabenow defeated Abraham in 2000. There's that. Yes Dems picked up 5 seats in the house, but with 54% of the two-party vote they should be a lot closer to a majority (or even have the majority) despite the Rep gerrymander.

Now, given this record of fail in what is a fairly blue state at the national level, there are two possibilities.

The first is that the MDP is irrelevant to any of this. Stuff happens, it's all local, and anyway the Reps gerrymandered so we're doomed. In that case why does anyone support the superstructure of the MDP?

The second possibility is that in some sense MDP incompetence is to at least some extent responsible. In that case it's reasonable to hold the guy at the top responsible and give someone else a chance. Not that I'd necessarily follow Bob King's lead in these matters.

Obama had a successful campaign because of organization. That doesn't mean Obama himself was doing the organizing. It means he hired people who hired people who hired people who got the job done at the precinct level. That's what Michigan Dems need to do to turn their dominance at the presidential level into wins at the state and local level.

[ Parent ]

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