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Election rigging not on the agenda of Randy Richardville, benevolent overlord Rick Michigan

by: Eric B.

Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 10:08:54 AM EST

The logic is sound, but the feeling of eventual betrayal runs deep for some reason.

LANSING, MI -- Republican Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville is wary of a proposal to split up Michigan's Electoral College votes by district, suggesting that such a move could diminish the state's importance in presidential elections.

"I don't know that it's broken, so I don't know if I want to fix it," Richardville said Tuesday, becoming the first high-ranking Michigan Republican to question a bill that state Rep. Pete Lund is poised to reintroduce in the House.

Down in the story, it acknowledges what most of us already know, that this isn't on benevolent overlord Rick Michigan's agenda, which as we know means next to nothing.

Still, it's refreshing to see this election rigging scheme start to show some cracks. The idea behind the bill is a form of cynicism that says that the Republican Party will never be a party that will change to become more attractive to minority groups.

Eric B. :: Election rigging not on the agenda of Randy Richardville, benevolent overlord Rick Michigan
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As I think I said
on an earlier thread, I'm cynical enough to think they'll wait for a lame djuck session next year, pass the thing with an appropriation attached so it can't be put on hold pending a referendum, et voila, instant 9 EVs (or 11 if they want to be really evil and go with the plan that was proposed in VA).

As was the case with Right-to-Work, only Snyder and Richardville have come out (nominally) against this while Bolger has expressed interest.  If this thing gets out of the house, it's as good as signed.  So, I guess we just have to watch to house to see what kind of hearing this gets.

So, yeah "not on my agenda" has become code for "we'll let the house do the dirty work/we'll outsource or brains to the house".  It's funny how scared Rick and Randy are of Jase.  It shows you where the real power is in this state.  Jase calls all the shots and shapes the agenda, so, whatever agenda the majority leader and governor have seperate of that almost doesn't matter.

Snyder and Richardville might just want to stall for time. If Bolger does get charged for attempting to rig the election*, that would take some of the wind out of his sails.

* and how sad that I actually need to clarify -- here I mean rigging Rep. Schmidt's election, not the Electoral College

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If (I'm really hoping it's "when") he's charged, I don't think it'd just take the wind out of his sails.  I can't imagine him not being forced to resign, let alone being able to hold unto the speakership.  If the House Republicans weren't so stupid and cowardly, they'd have had some backroom deal with Democrats to pick an alternative Republican speaker that could have been palatable to both in the case Bolger was charged.

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