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Lon Johnson makes it official

by: Eric B.

Tue Feb 05, 2013 at 11:24:04 AM EST

Last week, someone asked me if Lon Johnson was going to officially announce for state party chairman. I think the fact that he's launched a website answers the question.

Last week, I reached out to both Brewer and Johnson about publishing what they'd like to do in the next two years as state party chairman. I know that Johnson at least has some concrete ideas, and I've heard from him. So, that's a maybe. Haven't heard from Brewer.

Again, I'm neutral in this and so is this site. Either and both candidates are invited to use this space to reach out to potential votes at the convention on a couple different levels. If they don't choose to use it, they don't choose to use it.

Eric B. :: Lon Johnson makes it official
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It has begun
Mark Brewer vs. Not-Mark-Brewer.  Let's get it on!  You know, that this is being held at Cobo might actually have some bearing on the outcome, for once.

About Mark Brewer
I have argued elsewhere on this blog that we need a change of leadership at the Michigan Democratic Party.  That's not the same as saying Mark Brewer hasn't been effective in all areas and that he's 100% to blame for Democrats poor performance at the state level.  

Brewer points out that redistricting reform should be a priority and that this is what is holding Democrats back from winning more seats in the Legislature.  He has good point and as Democrats we need to champion redistricting reforms.  

When you think about the difficult task of herding the Democratic constituencies and all of their priorities, and trying to harmonize Democrats in the (thank god) bygone era of Andy Dillon, he was mostly successful in holding things together given the circumstances.

There are lots of other skills and a ton of experience that Mark brings to the table.  I just think it's not enough and that Lon Johnson offers an alternative that is attractive enough to vote for change.

In an ideal world, Mark would be retained to contribute his strengths.  In an ideal world.  

Lets not forget
the incompetence of UAW International still has some influence over whoever the next boss is.  Let's face it, we need more Andy Dillon's in the Party or we can keep loosing with the UAW.  As much as some of these commentators on Mich LIB bitch and complain about John Gleason,  believe it or not he is a true reflection of the UAW rank and file membership and those members know about the years of corruption with in UAW International.

The UAW International is filled with incompetent people from the Regional CAP Coordinators to appointed positions on the shop floor.  Hundreds of family members swell the bureaucratic UAW establishment.  Elected members from Local Presidents to Shop Committee persons spend a good amount of time hob knobbing their Regional Director for a shot at a International appointment so they don't ever have to touch another car part while ignoring the issues of their membership to please International.

This is why RTW passed, workers see the UAW as an exclusive club that is only interested in justifying its own existence with Lansing or DC instead of those who work on the shop floor...where it all started.        


Not only did the Dems accept Dillion into the party, they made him Speaker. Then defended him against his recall! LOL!

[ Parent ]
I get the feeling
LH is just a gadfly who spouts off a lot. There always has been consternation about Dillon, even during his term as speaker. Of course they defended him against recall, how could you not?  

[ Parent ]
We'll never be in the Majority
Without the Andy Dillons, John Gleasons, Terry Browns, Sheltrowns etc. Look at a Red v. Blue map from just after the 2010 election, or hell, even this one. If we AREN'T the large tent, let's welcome the Dems who are with us on most stuff but are true-believer Catholics who will vote mostly Pro-Life, or the Dems who love hunting and defend reasonable gun rights. In 2010 we lost those up north seats, the UP, we lost the Dems who win us a majority by being the Dem that conservative Independents will still vote for because the just like 'em.

Truth be told, Mark Brewer IS the Agent for Change in this race. Just by virtue of the fact that he's the guy the UAW DOESN'T want.  

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