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Alphabet soup

by: Eric B.

Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 19:05:09 PM EST

Got an e-mail from a reader and commet provider that I think is worth raising in a diary all by itself. It was a request by someone to flesh out some of the acronyms being tossed around as part of the state party chairman race. Considering what's going on, it's a valid request.

I forwarded the e-mail to Mark Grebner, as the most informed person I know about these things, to flesh it out. Here is the body of his response:

VAN: The "Voter Activation Network", which is the voter file interface provided by the Michigan Democratic Party ("MDP") for use by candidates and campaigns.  The VAN supports access to the state voter file, as enhanced with various information such as phone numbers derived from other sources.  It allows candidates to edit records, add information to selected records, and select sets of voters for use in mailings, door-to-door canvasses, and so on.

The VAN is used across the United States by the Democratic National Committee and most state Democratic parties.  It is owned by NGP VAN Inc.

VAN is often, and confusingly, used to refer to the underlying MDP-supplied voter file, which doesn't have a well-known distinct name, but which is not actually tied to the VAN.

PPC: Practical Political Consulting, Inc.  The company created by Mark Grebner, about 1974, for the provision of computerized voter data to campaigns.  Since 2010, owned by Penelope Tsernoglou.  (Grebner is the firm's president.)

VoteCast: the interface provided by PPC to its clients, which serves the same general functions as the VAN.

[I don't know from JLC or DEMCOM.]

Okay, so there are acronyms in use that are unfamiliar to probably a majority of readers. They are JLC and DEMCOM. It would be appreciated if someone explained what those are, and did it in a way that's not going to antagonize people in the opposite camp. By my Secret Soros Decoder Ring, if you people can't play nice just this one time, I'm going to start knee-capping you.

Update! ... Inspired by a comment: Look, guys, everyone will at some point read something here they disagree with. Everyone will at some point read something there that may make them angry. Being enraged at a comment doesn't mean that you've been trolled. Being trolled means that someone has left a comment intended to enrage you and that serves no other purpose.

Don't troll rate a comment merely because you disagree with it. Don't give it a "1" because you don't like it, unless you find it utterly unproductive. Don't tell Middlegrandguy to fuck off because he explains this all to you. Don't make me have to spend a lot of time reading over comments, because since I have no patience to play school marm to Internet children that's when the bannings will start. Finally, this is private property ... don't fucking start bitching about the First Amendment when the repeated warnings issued to you are ignored and your continued asshattery ends in a banning. This is private property, folks, and the First Amendment is about government censoreship.

Eric B. :: Alphabet soup
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Alphabet soup | 16 comments
all am going to say
DEMCOM - Democratic House Committee

JLC - Joint Legislative Committee

do I
Do I need to explain on that, not sure if am the best at not antagonizing, so I Hoping to not have too.  

[ Parent ]
A little more
DemCom- is like a regular scheduled work group where the House Dem leadership, lead campaign staff/consultants get together to plot and plan their agenda and campaigns.

JLC- is a regular scheduled work group with the MDP, Senate and House leadership and lead campaign staff/consultants get together to coordinate the campaigns.

[ Parent ]
Warhawk, I think it might help if you elaborated a bit.
We all can get into our own parochial groups, using non-standard terms to refer to things without realizing it. Here is what I found online about the Joint Legislative Committee:

February 2, 2009
Joint Legislative Committee Members 2009
Senator Thomas M. George, Co-Chairperson
Senator Jason Allen
Senator Hansen Clarke
Representative Marc Corriveau, Co-Chairperson
Representative Kate Segal
Representative Jim Marleau

Since this includes 4 Republicans and 3 Democrats, from context I do not think this is what you were referring to. So further explanation is in order.

Democratic House Committee -- do you mean the Caucus? or the DLCC? or what exactly?

OK, I posted this request before I saw BB's 'little more'.
So my question has been answered.

I will point out that the vast, overwhelming majority of us posting here who have nothing to do with the mechanics of what goes on in Lansing would have any reason to know what these things refer to.

I mean, I assume that such liaisons are taking place -- but the details are not important to those not involved. So referring to them by mysterious acronyms is in somewhat bad taste.

[ Parent ]
I was not trying to be mysterious, or be rude, I've gotten use to using this terms from the people and friends I talk to.

[ Parent ]
No Repugs involved with JLC
The JLC is all about getting Dems elected to House & Senate seats.  No Repugs allowed.

"Action is what separates a belief from an opinion."

[ Parent ]
There are no Republicans involved with the JLC.

"Action is what separates a belief from an opinion."

[ Parent ]
the Joint Legislative Committee listed above (by the way that's an outdated list) is completely different from the JLC we are talking about in terms of campaigning.

JLC in our conversation means labor leaders, caucus leaders, other Dem interest group leaders who work together for Democratic campaigns.

DEMCOM, in typical insider language, refers to either the House or Senate Democratic Communications staff. This includes writers and field organizers.  

[ Parent ]
Is "work together" more aspiration than actuality?
Would the JLC be the same folks who met behind closed doors in years past and came out with complete slates for us delegates to approve?

Or is that more of an informal group whose participants overlap the JLC roster like a Venn diagram?

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]
most likely
the latter, although I don't know all the participants and where they would fall on this Venn diagram. However, the JLC was just created in 2011.

[ Parent ]
Totally off topic, but can you explain the post rating system to folks?  I keep seeing zeroes and ones tossed around simply because they don't like what folks are saying, when those things should only be used and reserved for spam or true, negative trolling.  It wouldn't be such a big deal, but these ratings can actually have the effect of hiding legitimate posts, and it seems to be a handful of newbies to the site abusing the ratings system.  I mentioned this is another post and was essentially told by the two of them (and there is maybe another two doing this, recently) to 'eff off.

To be fair
Just so no one gets the idea, no one actually told me to "go 'eff myself".  That's why I qualified the phrase with "essentially."  It was just an outright dismissal of my advice, when I know how the system works better than they did.  I mean, I just thought it rude some newbie, grown-ass men and women were coming in here as if they didn't have to follow even basic internet etiquette.  

I mean, this site can have some pretty sharp disagreements among it's members - and god and you know how bitter I've gotten with you, at times. lol  But, what I like about the place is that we didn't abuse the rating systems, which is something that happens on some other sites.  And, I'd like to keep it that way.

[ Parent ]
That's okay
I find it's better to go big rather than go accurate when it comes to smacking down people's awful behavior. I learned that through hard experience in 2008.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
Alphabet soup | 16 comments

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