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Nolan Finley: Obama forced Congressional Republicans to sign no-tax pledge at gunpoint

by: Eric B.

Sun Feb 24, 2013 at 13:17:54 PM EST

I swear to Holy Living God, if Mitch McConnell tomorrow soiled himself, Nolan Finley would devote an entire column to why it was really Barack Obama who was responsible.

Last week, the president again played Henny Penny, warning Americans that the sky will fall if Republicans don't derail the automatic spending cuts Obama himself demanded to break an earlier stand-off. If the cuts kick in, the president claims, the poor will go hungry, thousands will be thrown out of work, the country will be left more vulnerable to attack.


But Obama is not a leader, and his goal is not to resolve the crisis; it's to exploit it. If he can maneuver Republicans into a position where they either have to accept the blame for whatever consequences the spending cuts bring or cave in to yet another tax hike, the harm done to the economy is a fair trade-off.

For those of us who exist outside the rightwing echo chamber, let's review what's actually happened on Planet Earth. Two years ago, Congressional Republicans tried to tie deep spending cuts to raising the debt ceiling, even though the two things have nothing in common. In doing so, they risked the nation defaulting on some of its debt obligations, which would have put the nation's credit rating at risk; but, they (and this includes Finley) didn't care because they insisted that nothing bad would happen if the nation took its Visa bill and ripped it up and mailed that back rather than a check (Moody's responded to this mere threat by taking a mild whack at our credit rating).

They relented at the last minute, but part of the deal was the sequestration cuts that we're now talking about. Those were pushed off until late December so that a final budget deal could be reached. That deal, however, never happened. And, why is that? Because of new revenue ... i.e., tax hikes. Now, every mainstream and even most conservative economists agree that what's needed to address the deficit is a mix of spending cuts and tax hikes, preferably on those who earn the most so it has the least impact on the consumer spending that is the basis for our economy. This very commonsense, reasonable approach is the one championed mostly by Congressional Democrats and the president. Republicans, however, have all mostly signed a pledge to Grover Norquist in which tax hikes are the worst possible thing you can do, ever. And they think violating that pledge is even worse than damaging the economy, so there's no dealing with them in a way that isn't based on weird fantasy and because they refuse to budge from this.

That situation, Finley has written, is the fault of the president.

Update! ... To get an idea of just how wrong Nolan Finley is on this, I give you Jan freakin' Brewer.

MAJOR GARRETT (HOST): Is it a greater danger for you to deal with these cuts or would it be a greater danger to the economy for the Republicans to give in on raising taxes? Which would you like to see?

BREWER: You don’t give me very good choices…As a governor from a western state, it is difficult for me to be honest and say ok, I know all the answers, because I don’t have all the inside baseball games, and for me to sit here and say I know every detail of what they’re dealing with there… We don’t like taxes. We don’t like increase in taxes. But we know we have to be pragmatic. We know there has to be some kind of compromise, but dang it, they need to get the job done. they don’t need to leave the public out their hanging.

The upshot of this is that Jan Brewer would make a more credible opinion columnist than Nolan Finley.

Eric B. :: Nolan Finley: Obama forced Congressional Republicans to sign no-tax pledge at gunpoint
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Tim Freakin' Walberg and sequester...
Tim was asked during a recent mlive chat about the sequester...here's how it went...

You recently wrote in an op-ed in a Detroit Newspaper, "Yet, for the fourth time in five years, President Obama has been late on submitting his budget. Our country needs strong leadership right now, not a leader who disregards his duties. This was also an opportunity for the president to address his sequester, or what's more commonly known as automatic spending cuts. After all, it was President Obama who first proposed the sequester in 2011 and made sure it was part of the debt limit agreement."

Considering you were a House co-sponsor of HR 5872, the sequester bill, how do you now justify criticizing President Obama for the bill you co-sponsored and voted for? How is it "his sequester bill"? Don't you share any responsibility for the bill and it's effects?

Tim Walberg
First of all, HR 5872 was a bill that would require the president to explain how the sequestration would work. The devil is in the details. But for the record, the outside source of investigative reporter Bob Woodward confirmed that sequestration was the original idea of the president. That's a fact that we deal with to this very day.

As usual, Tim takes no responsibility, even though he was a freaking co-sponsor and voted for the sequester....

Anyone who
voted for Walberg should have their head examined. It's not like nobody knew he was an idiot. And when is someone going to call out Republicans for whining about the lack of a budget resolution, which is a largely symbolic document that has no real effect on anything. They never even had budget resolutions until the 70's. Yet pinheads like Timmeh act like it means something.

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