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Magic Frank accuses the president of murdering diplomats to win an election

by: Eric B.

Fri May 10, 2013 at 10:36:25 AM EDT

Again with the fisking of Magic Frank (it was so cathartic last week)...

What a difference a presidential administration of favored status can make.

This I think is the genius of Magic Frank. We weaves a lede sentence of incomprehensible nonsense that anyone who understands how the English language and tries to digest it gets tangled and incapable of reading on. Everyone else just blows past what amounts to gibberish and soaks up whatever it is that he's on about.

As evidence emerges that the American public was completely misled by President Barack Obama and his minions about the lack of response to the jihadist attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya last year, the administration's advocates — including those in the national press — have been doing their best to protect Obama from revelation of his failings and mislead the nation yet again about the events that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Conspiracy 1: The president has done something very terrible -- perhaps made a mistake -- and the media is conniving to provide him cover from exposure.

Eric B. :: Magic Frank accuses the president of murdering diplomats to win an election

Some cite "politics" as the motivation for the latest congressional hearing on Benghazi this week, ignoring that Obama is in his final presidential term.

Some also cited "politics" as the motivation for the Republican obsession with the workings of Bill Clinton's zipper, also ignoring that when he was impeached he was in his final presidential term.

Others simply take the Wizard of Oz approach, arguing against the evidence of Benghazi deception and misinformation by insisting there's nothing to be seen here, just ignore that man behind the curtain.

Who are these Others, and does this have anything to do with Lost?

But the Benghazi hearings on Capitol Hill in Washington this week carry an important purpose.

They do, or did. Was this written before the hearings actually took place? 'Cause it looks an awful lot like it's not written in past tense.

Unlike a previous Congressional probe, this one finally included testimony from witnesses who were on the ground and have firsthand knowledge of the administration's efforts last September to keep a lid on the true nature of the attacks just seven weeks before the last presidential election.

Yes, because the Secretary of State and Director of Central Intelligence have no insights into how the administration responded. But, that's not all ... I think I see the inklings of another coming conspiracy theory.

Talk about political motives, Obama was successful in spinning a false narrative back then to protect his re-election chances which relied heavily on his purported success in routing al-Qaida after the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Conspiracy 2: Barack Obama lied about Benghazi to win an election.

Evidence that al-Qaida was alive and well in Libya, attacking a U.S. target, and facing no military opposition from an administration protecting its own political interests, would not have helped Obama fight off Mitt Romney's challenge in November.

No, sir. It would not have done that. Most certainly not.

That political consideration is why Obama and his appointees ignored pleas for military help from those on the ground in Benghazi, and why they insisted for weeks that the attack was motivated by an obscure, online, anti-Muslim video, when the administration knew from the start that Islamic terrorists were attacking America.

Because they are evil, which is really the point. They've known all along that the president is evil and uncaring and concerned only with himself, and every new outrage is just further evidence for it. We might have learned important lessons from what happened, but instead we have this.

The American public has every right to know exactly what happened — not the scrubbed version from an administration covering itself — so we can know the threat still posed by Islamic terrorists who have attempted to or succeeded in carrying out five attacks against American interests since bin Laden's death.

Magic Frank has always known in his heart of hearts that the president was and still is up to no good. Eventually, they'll get him. If not BENGHAZI!, it'll be something.

This knowledge is more important than any politician's self interest, especially since government reports are now being used as part of the national reading curriculum under the Common Core program, which has been adopted by almost every state and will soon go into effect in Michigan.


Our kids will already face the propaganda of Environmental Protection Agency reports which will include promotion of the global warming scam, but we shouldn't risk their exposure to false narratives on even more important issues like Islamic terrorism.


The Obama administration has proven more than willing to misinform us on Benghazi, starting with the national TV appearances of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to promote the Muslim video falsehood as inspiration for the attacks.

Also ... global warming.

About a month after the attacks, at the solemn ceremony where the bodies of the American victims from Benghazi were returned to Andrews Air Force base in flag-draped coffins, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Charles Woods — father of Tyrone, a slain Navy seal whose body lay nearby — that the administration would hunt down and arrest the anti-Muslim filmmaker whom she shamelessly tried to blame for the Woods family loss.

After saying that the president lied to win an election, Magic Frank moves on to trying to doom another Democrat's electoral chances.

That filmmaker remains jailed on a parole violation, continuing to serve as a scapegoat for the failings of the Obama administration. Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the Benghazi attack run free and presumably plan new attacks against America, either overseas or here at home.

Or not.

That's the point of this week's latest Benghazi hearings: Americans deserve the truth.

We can take Magic Frank to mean that the earlier hearings that failed to move the narrative are unimportant.

If that reflects mistakes by the administration, so be it.

So be it.

Errors are made and future policy decisions can be corrected based on those errors.

Removing the snark hat for a second ... this is all well and good, but up until now, Magic Frank has engaged in scalp hunting, not ensuring that future policy decions are wisely made. He's accused the president and the secretary of state of lying to the American people to promote their own personal agendas, and has -- purposefully, I assume -- ignored the realities of the sitution: That early reports tend to be incomplete and often wrong, that the sitting president -- for all his faults -- has never once said that al-Qaida is completely dismantled and that it's supporters all dead (evidence for this is his program of drone strikes) and that military assets that might have intervened weren't close enough to change the outcome. Those would have arrived just in time to help put out the fires. In doing this, he undermines the entire business of future policy decision making, because his premise is that the decisions were made by people who are just fundamentally evil.

But, that's what this is really all about, making the president look bad.

But more than that, Americans need to know they can trust their government, not to protect the self interests of the politicians, but to level with them and place the welfare of a nation ahead of all else.

But, only if it makes elected Democrats look bad. If it fails to do that, you can be assured that we'll keep digging and flinging poo until we find something that does.

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It amazes me...
...that after they tried this sh%t during the 2012 presidential election - which they LOST - that they think they can still get some play out of this, either to impeach the president (they've actually said this) or stop Hillary Clinton before she gets out of the gate.  

America has already decided that mistakes were made, horrible mistakes, but that there was no conspiracy and that terrorists attacks happen and there is a certain level of risk to being a diplomat.  If this is the fight they really want to keep having, so be it.  They can kiss their House majority goodbye in 2014.  Total tone deafness.

Benghazi was not an embassy in a secure capitol city, with fortified gates and dress uniformed Marine guards in the hallways. It was a consulate and a CIA station, an outpost in hostile territory. The reason for the attacks was that the local Islamists were tired of the CIA kidnapping people.

These are the same people who insist George Bush kept us safe, nevermind the number of attacks on US embassies and consulates on his watch (more than 2 dozen attacks, 13 killed, a total of three Congressional hearings), as well as the avoidable 9-11 disaster.

Not even a consulate
To drive the point home of how dinky an operations this was, I'd just like to add that this wasn't even formally a consolate, but a dinky "diplomatic mission."

Now, I think folks have a legitimate question - I know I do - of why they'd place such a dinky operation in a still-dangerous country so soon after its liberation.  In my mind, they probably should have waited to put any diplomatic presence on the ground, or if they did, they should have placed it inside of the city or if they were going to do it outside of the city, at least heavily fortify it.  I guess this is one of those teachable moments, as they call them.  You can bet we won't be setting up these tiny operations, so quickly, and I imagine that Benghazi was the result of some naivety.

But all of the other "concerns" is obviously political trolling of the worst variety.

[ Parent ]
CIA outpost
It existed solely as a diplomatic cover for a CIA outpost.

They couldn't have more guards or "security", because Congress cut the funding.

The drafter of the emails was a former Cheney aide.

[ Parent ]
I still say that there was a better way to cover a CIA outpost than literally putting diplomats out in front of it in a nation newly liberated unless you are going to adequately secure it.  Again, I don't think this was unpreventable or unforseeable, so this is something we definitely have to learn from.  

The Republicans are shamelessy playing this for political reasons, and their focus is entirely disingenuous, but there were actual mistakes made, though mistakes that go back through multiple administrations.

[ Parent ]

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