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Northern Michigan or Macomb ... which has the batshit craziest Tea Party people?

by: Eric B.

Tue Sep 03, 2013 at 16:35:11 PM EDT

If you follow these things very closely, you might have noticed the same trend as me. Whenever some utterly daffy, clueless Tea Party person pops up, he or she generally hails from one of two parts of the state. Oh sure, you've the occasional loon like Wendy Day, who comes from Livingston County, and there's that one guy who wanted to stand up an army of volunteers to go teach civics in high schools (because we otherwise have no one qualified to teach government), and this guy, and there was that one guy at my 10 year reunion for high school who appeared to believe that everything under the sun was the fault of Bill Clinton, but those are outliers. The real crazy comes either from Up North or Macomb County. Let's have a contest to sort it out.

*--If you're at all aware with the ongoing thing with Doug Sedenquist, the Yooper radio show host who is executive vice chairman of the Delta County GOP and a state committeeman and who on Facebook called Tom Casperson a piece of shit, today's date might have felt familiar. It was the date he was scheduled to meet to hammer out a plea deal for the felony and couple of misdemeanors he's accused of committing in Green Bacy, Wisc. That appears headed to trial, although it appears his attorney is confident it will be settled by then. Up North: 1 point.

*--Chad Selweski has a column today about how Ron Weiser, a former GOP state chairman and ambassador to Slovakia, went on a radio show hosted by a guy named Trucker Randy Bishop this morning to announce his candidacy for the U.of M Board of Regeants. Selweski wonders why Weiser would do this on a show hosted by Trucker Randy, because Trucker Randy fled Macomb County for the Up North several years ago after facing allegations of fraud and moral turpitude. In the last couple of years, Trucker Randy also alleged that Randy Richardville had had an affair as a means to blackmail Richardville into passing Right to Work. He also thinks Wes Nakagiri is not a real Tea Party person, that he is a Bobby Schostak plant to keep Brian Calley on the gubernatorial ticket. Presumably, it's a spot Trucker Randy would rather see himself in. Trucker Randy lives in northern Michigan. So, Up North: 1 point. But he moved there from Macomb County. So, Macomb: 1 point.

Finally, today, there is this mess of a manifesto, posted online. It alleges that our current federal government (for reasons including but not limited to amnesty, Benghazi and the Keystone Pipeline) is a worse despot than was King George III. It also says that our Founders intended a federalist system with a weak federal government and strong state governments, which tells us that the author neither understands the definition of federalism nor has actually read anything before or after the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The author of that is a member of the Romeo Area Tea Party. Macomb: 1 point. 

So, let's tally up. Up North got a point for Doug Sedenquist. Up North also got a point for Trucker Randy Bishop. Macomb also got a point for Trucker Randy Bishop. Macomb also got a point for the Tea Party manifesto that in better days might have scrawled in crayon across the back of a paper Denny's placemat. That's two each, meaning that today the competition of which part of the state is the greatest repository of batshit craziness ends in a draw.

Eric B. :: Northern Michigan or Macomb ... which has the batshit craziest Tea Party people?
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Were these people paying attention at all in U.S. History class when the teacher explained why the sainted Founding Fathers found the Articles of Confederation inadequate and wrote the Constitution? Obviously not, because they seem to have the impression that the Articles are still in force.

And who taught those US History classes?
MEA teachers following the Big Government Union line, of course.

[ Parent ]
Ahhh ...
Now I understand, everything I learned in history class was a lie! You have a keen understanding of the bagger mind (such as it is)

[ Parent ]
Northern Michigan, for sure.
The problem is that urban life spoils the lunacy, by converting it into ordinary depravity.  In the city, we have booze, drugs, inbreeding and so on, and they create the everyday spectacle of scam artists, drunks, and sickos.  (Think "Phil Arthurhulz".)  The problem is that we know where these folks live; we can go and see them if we're so inclined.  There's nothing secret about them, except whatever they've managed to conceal by their own efforts.

But those same ingredients make something completely different when they're mixed together with sinister wilderness.  "Deliverance" would have been a very different movie if set in Atlanta.  It's the idea that there is a vast world, unknown and unknowable, containing nightmares not yet dreamed.  The idea that you could walk into those woods and never emerge, and no one would even know where to start looking for you.

For me, the great craziness is Gothic, and the Goths knew they could never really subdue Rome, because if they tried to live inside the city walls they'd all start bathing and cooking their meat and saving their daughters for other men.  

I see
a mashup of James Dickey and Ernest Hemingway here "Deliverance on the Big-Two-Hearted River".

Seriously, I think you're onto something. There's something about the isolation that brings out the crazy in people. See Idaho, Northern, or Utah (anyplace that's not Salt Lake City).

[ Parent ]
Have you READ the Hemingway Michigan stories?
Talk about dark...

[ Parent ]
I'm with Grebner; the country is crazier
I thought life there was even riskier than life in the city and I had had enough of it.

Science confirms my opinion of life in the country

Greetings from Detroit, Ground Zero of the post-industrial future!

[ Parent ]
Can, can
Can, can we all just get along?!

Children, children!  You are all crazy in your own special ways.  Now, quiet down, and we'll solve this with ice cream.

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