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That's a good idea, Sparky, but I just don't see it coming off that way

by: Eric B.

Thu Dec 05, 2013 at 15:28:16 PM EST

The Freep wants our ongoing experiment in the Dunning-Kruger effect to punt on Right to Life's rape insurance petition. Considering that just last month, our ongoing experiment in the Dunning-Kruger effect insisted that it had to move the Court of Claims to an Appeals Court unstructured for trials on the ground that it was a better representation of democracy (all of Michigan, versus just Ingham County). Consistency would certainly dictate that they follow through by letting voters decide if private market decisions should be made by the Legislature instead of by consumers and vendors, but as the man says consistency is a hobgoblin of a shallow mind and the Court of Claims thing was always horseshit, anyway.

But if this requirement becomes law via the petition process, it will be a failure of democracy. The petition was signed by 299,941 registered voters, just 4% of the state’s 7.4 million registered voters. It’s a good reminder that Michigan’s petition process should be revisited. To allow hundreds of thousands to subvert the law of the land by larding a legal medical process with special requirements is contrary to the spirit of democracy.

Yes, the petition process needs a fresh look, considering how badly it's been misused in this case. So, does the process by which the Legislature can simply pass new laws once laws they passed are successfully challenged through normal democratic means (the emergency manager law, Tom Casperson's Little Red Riding Hood fable). And, so does the referendum proofing power of a token appropriation. Of course, you might as well toss into the mix how legislative districts are drawn up and term limits, too. And, while we're at it, how about reducing the amount of dark money in politics.

Yeah, I know.

Eric B. :: That's a good idea, Sparky, but I just don't see it coming off that way
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This has been used against abortion rights before (0.00 / 0)
Around 10 years ago, a ban on intact D&X (dubbed "partial-birth abortion" by conservatives) was enacted over Grandholm's veto by the same method.  Every time the Republicans pass something they know will monumentally piss off a significant portion of the population, they use one of these heavy-handed legislative tricks to get it done (e.g., petition, token appropriation, etc.).  However, it it seems to me as though this has increased dramatically since the 2010 election.  Between this, and wolf hunting bills, and right-to-work, it seems as though about 90% of the legislature's time is spent saying "f--k you" to anybody who is not a hard-line conservative.  I can only hope that they do this often enough, and ham-handed enough so that voters may begin to wake up and smell the coffee, and soon.

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