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Doc Wolfram's Fabulistic, Magicalistic Good Tyme Elixir for What Ails You

by: Eric B.

Sat Dec 07, 2013 at 14:00:01 PM EST

As we all know, it's taken as an article of faith by right wingers that Detroit's bankruptcy wasn't the result of a complex set of circumstances involving racism, underinvestment, parochialism, mismanagement and the evolution of the American lifestyle from an urban to a suburban setting. It was all the fault of Democratic policies, because Detroit is a Democratic city.

As we all also know, if you get sick and go to a doctor, if he misdiagnoses your ailment, the odds are very good that whatever you have will not be successfully treated. If your car has a weird knock and you take it to a mechanic, if he gets wrong what is broken, the odds are very good that you'll have to find a new mechanic.

This brings us to today's Detroit News blog post by Gary Wolfram.

Cities should learn from this that while the short run effects of a high tax burden and heavy government regulation may be small, the long run effects will be quite large.

This is why New York City, which has a job-killing graduated income tax and which for someone with an income of $150,000 or more (thus sadling the wealthy with the third highest tax burden in the United States), is so undesirable for wealthy business people to live and do business.

Regardless, what does Doc Wolfram prescribe for Detroiters to choke down?

The way to success is to limit government to its fundamental role of protecting life, liberty, and property, and providing decent infrastructure, and to create an environment where individuals are encouraged to thrive.

Limited government, baby, means never having to ask permission to thrive! Having read enough of these blog posts, I'm half convinced that there is no actual person called Gary Wolfram, and that these are all pushed out by some 'bot as part of some great trolling joke being played by the people who run the News' editorial page.

Eric B. :: Doc Wolfram's Fabulistic, Magicalistic Good Tyme Elixir for What Ails You
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Wolfram is (4.00 / 1)
a libertarian nitwit, and like many libertarians, his world view is heavily influenced by fantasy, in particular the fantasy that in the absence of a strong central government, power will automatically devolve to the individual. History, of course, tells us a different story, from the feudal lords of the middle ages to the warlords of modern day Somalia.  

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