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Every week, we do The Tell so that we 'member who he was (1)

by: Eric B.

Tue Dec 17, 2013 at 10:14:26 AM EST

The last week has been a right pleasure for me. Not only has Goat Killer's latest bigoted anti-gay tirade and the hilariously inept follow through campaign been an endless supply of cheap material but it's also allowed me to walk down Memory Lane. And is the case so often when someone gets lots of pixels around here, a few people have asked about the origins of the nickname Goat Killer. And, as we did shortly after Fried Chicken Frank, we should take a brief moment to do The Tell of who Goat Killer is and where he came from.

It was way back in 2007 that Goat Killer was still just Dave Agema and was headed towards the ignoble distinction as least effective lawmaker in the forefunner to our ongoing experiment in the Dunning-Kruger effect. The state budget was headed to a last-minute vote and on it were highly controversial tax hikes, one easing away one of John Engler's income tax breaks and a convoluted tax on services (I still don't see why everyone became enraged by taxing the bronzing of baby shoes, a de facto declaration that someone has far more disposable income than needs). Dave Agema had other plans, however. Dave Agema had previously purchased tickets to Russia where he would take part in a safari killing animals. Sheep, to be more precise. Dave Agema had animals to kill and wasn't about to let the single most important vote of his legislative career get in the way of that, thank you very much.

So, off to Russia he went. Michigan's government shut down for a few hours, an our forerunner to today's ongoing experiment in the Dunning-Kruger effect ushered through its budget balancing package. When he returned, he was horrified to learn that the House Speaker didn't feel that a siberian safari was sufficient reason to skip work, and marked him with an unexcused absence. Goat Killer was reportedly livid at the rebuke.


Eric B. :: Every week, we do The Tell so that we 'member who he was (1)

He might have drifted off our collective radar had he not taken future opportunity to put himself on it. Like, every other month or so.

*--A 2010 bill he sponsored requiring people to present photo IDs while using Bridge cards would have starved to death group home residents and elderly shut ins who rely on in-home helpers to buy groceries for them. Two years after that, he still wasn't sure where the program gets its money.

*--He introduced legislation intended to prevent the supplanting the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land with Sharia, and said that Dearborn is filled with terrorists. He nearly appeared on stage with Florida holy man and noted Islamaphobe Terry Jones, and brought to the state a quack phony ex-terrorist to intone about the dangers of Islam and later sued and won $2 after the event was canceled over security concerns. He also mused about the president himself being a Muslim (speaking of the president, he also fell for an Onion story about Obama's "son").

*--Shortly after Republicans took over control of everything, he declared war on a clothes for orphans program. And, bookending his career in the House -- his career in elected office cut short by term limits and apparently the fact that God didn't want him to challenge Bill Huizenga in a primary -- he mused favorably about riot police cracking the skulls of union workers during last year's Right to Work protests.

*--Finally, while we're all familiar with the first bigoted anti-gay tirade he made this year (who does this twice in one year?), let's not forget that just earlier this month he called the president a dictator.

His legislative career was so distringuished that he was named Michigan Liberal's Most Odious Person of the Year for 2011, and by extension of what an awful person he is, unofficially for 2012 as well. Should probably pencil him in for 2013, too.

If there are elements to the record that are missing, please correct in comments. This work is too expansive to be left to one mind.

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