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Equality Michigan is a bunch of baby-murdering, hateful huns who say mean things about Goat Killer

by: Eric B.

Wed Dec 18, 2013 at 14:56:07 PM EST

Jack Hoogendyk, last seen getting the stuffing knocked out of him by Fred Upton in last year's 6th District Republican Primary, blasted out an e-mail to his PAC list today defending Goat Killer's bigoted anti-gay tirade against all comers. The subject line: The Agema Controversy: Hero or Homophobe. It's ... really awful. Snippets.

    Did the media take Mr. Agema's remarks out of context? Is Dave Agema really "a venomous committee member whose hate speech and fear tactics have become an embarrassment to not only their party, but to everyone in Michigan," as Emily Dievendof [sic], managing director of Equality Michigan described him?

The little [sic] thing is mine. Jack Hoogendyk spelled Emily Dievendorf's name wrong in his e-mailed screed. Good going. Later on, not content to merely misspell her name, he goes worser and worser.

Hate speech? Fear tactics? Hateful rhetoric and unabashed bigotry? Was the rank and file Republican Party calling for Dave's scalp? Are they really embarrassed by Dave's comments or are some members of Republican leadership cowering under pressure from the real hate groups like Equality Michigan?

Equality Michigan, a "real" hate group? We could ask how this is, but we know the answer: Equality Michigan is a hate group because it objects to people who wish to see the people it represents deprived of the same set of rights as everyone else. But, because a minority of religious zealots has made depriving those rights a core piece of its existence, we're supposed to believe that Equality Michigan must therefore be driven by hatred of all Christians rather than just the favored policies of a few of them. One could suggest that Jack Hoogendyk look in a mirror a second but you don't get the impression that self-reflection is something God blessed this unique little snowflake of his with.

Hoogendyk describes the state central committee meeting through someone else's eyes, and through those eyes we see how they view their platform as interpreted by the Democratic Party.

*--That our rights come from God - remember that the democrats tried to remove God from their national platform.
*--That we remain committed to the sanctity of life - the democrats favor abortion, followed by infanticide if the child survives the abortion attempt.
*--That we will not tolerate further infringement on the second amendment - the democrats want to take your guns away.
*--That marriage is properly defined as being between one man and one woman - the democrats favor homosexual marriage.
*--The value of legal immigration, but remain opposed to illegal immigration - the democrats favor amnesty.

I put something in bold. It's ... kind of important.Tea Party people hate being categorized as uneducated racists. You can imagine why. On the other hand, they appear to have nothing special against describing Democrats as people who, if they can't abort your baby, will rip it from your arms and murder it.

This isn't speech. This is incindiery war propaganda, the sort of thing fed to the doughboys in World War I to make it so that conscripts from what in many parts was a nation of pacifist, agrarian farmers could hate the Germans enough to kill them. It's a good thing these are the people who believe they need to be heavily armed.

Eric B. :: Equality Michigan is a bunch of baby-murdering, hateful huns who say mean things about Goat Killer
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"Tea Party people hate being categorized as uneducated racists" (4.00 / 2)
Especially because they have no idea what "categorized," "uneducated," and "racists" mean.

I'll go to my grave wondering why the Democratic Party didn't go after the Tea Party after the first time these aging white males showed up wearing tricorner hats, waving rattlesnake flags, and muttering about "sovereign citizens." They were the political equivalent of the hanging curveball.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

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