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Flint, the city that nobody except everybody has heard of

by: Eric B.

Sat Dec 28, 2013 at 14:49:16 PM EST

The latest installment of children should be seen and not heard. The headline:

This is America's Most Apocalyptic, Violent City — And You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It

Spoiler alert: It's Flint.

The author, as Alan Stamm at Deadline Detroit points out, is Laura Dimon, daugher of Jamie Dimon, who himself is one of the nation's great vampire octopi who've helped drain a once wealthy nation of its assets. It's fitting that his daughter, who probably owes a lot to the depradations of Wall Street, thinks that no one has ever heard of Flint. It's kind of like stepping up the ladder without taking the time to see whose hands you're crushing along the way.

When I read the headline, I thought the answer was maybe Belle Glade, Fla., or some other hellhole that next to no one has ever heard of because they don't -- unlike Flint -- make annual lists of which major American cities are filled with violence. Flint, on the other hand, has made list after list after list of American cities with high violent crime rates going back as far as I can remember ... to the late 1980s.

Stamm says that perhaps the problem is that Policy Mic doesn't give writers enough time and resources to do proper leg reporting before writing this kind of unaware drek. Really the problem lies with a writer who doesn't understand what reporting is or its role in writing a column (and, really folks, this is an archaic, anachronistic description of what it is). Let me also add a health dose of self awareness, an understanding that just because something is new to you doesn't mean it's new to everyone else. It's worth noting that in a follow up post, Stamm points out that Dimon was trolling for celebrity retweets ... from Eminem (does she really think that Flint=Detroit, or that people who live in Michigan's impoverished Rust Belt cities are deeply invested in the public image of the others).

I don't take issue with the column itself. Others have pointed out its many, many flaws and as an official mid-Michigan rustic, I can confirm that my feelings on this are no deeper than any resident of any Michigan city that's been boiled down to a series of hackneyed, banal stereotypes (the New York Times did refer to my town as "hardscrabble," which is every bit as annoying as it sounds, back during last year's NFL draft). No, I'm more concerned with form here, the further erosion of what it means to write a column from a combination of unique voice, perspective (a combination of experience, raw talent in how one sees the world, and broad viewpoint), and ability to inform to nothing more than a cheap route to celebrity.

Allegedly, a redo is being considered. For the love of all that's good and holy (and I say this as a confirmed heathen and official horrible person), please don't. Instead, and this goes to everyone who thinks that they have something terribly important to tell the world, right this very second ... please give serious thought to the things you think the world needs to hear from you and consider that perhaps the world has already heard them, and probably more than once.

Eric B. :: Flint, the city that nobody except everybody has heard of
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"and I say this as a confirmed heathen and official horrible person" <-- at least you're candid!

Great Lakes, Great Times.

Now that I've begun reading the linked piece...
That is quite the national exposure for Realty Executives Associates!  I bought my first house, a FNMA foreclosure for $1,800.00, in Pontiac through them.  

Great Lakes, Great Times.

Their phone number included in the picture and everything.
Jamie Dimon can more easily call 'em up and buy back a home that likely passed through their* inventory at some point...

* Countrywide and other firms having since been engorged by Bank of America and so forth

Great Lakes, Great Times.

[ Parent ]
Kids, this is what happens when you have comment conversations with yourself.
Obviously, he is not with Bank of America and I don't know why I made that false recollection.  I retract my lame attempt at humor.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

[ Parent ]

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