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Secretary of State's office blithely unaware of the existence of cable Tee Vee, the Internet

by: Eric B.

Fri Jan 03, 2014 at 10:20:51 AM EST

I have taken to the Internet this morning to locate the origins of the the popular usage of the word, "sucks." Let's learn something together.

"It sucks" is a shorter version of the phrase, "It sucks eggs," which itself comes to us from old English and Scottish tradition to refer to the act of eating eggs when nothing else was available. It's a phrase used to describe a situation that is between a rock and a hard place. The phrase got a revamp apparently during the Great Depression to "It sucks hind tit."

Why the trip down English usage custom? Via Jeff Wattrick, we learn that the Secretary of State is very concerned that children not see the word "sucks" on license plates.

The website Gawker is having a little fun with a Michigan man's battle to get the vanity license plate "WAR SUX."

Apparently, the state of Michigan has rejected the request, saying children riding in cars shouldn't be subjected to such language. A report on the matter first appeared in a report by  the Associated Press's Ed White.

They shouldn't be exposed to old time English colloquialisms? That this way of thinking is outdated, hokey and completely unaware of the nature of the world we live in goes without saying. That taxpayers are saddled with defending it in court (oh yes, Michigan's finest legal mind has taken up the banner to defend this) doesn't.

By the way, anyone who thinks that "(such and such) sucks" refers to oral sex ... well, you might be doing something wrong. Just sayin'.

Eric B. :: Secretary of State's office blithely unaware of the existence of cable Tee Vee, the Internet
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Can't say I ever knew the origins of the phrase, or had even thought of it.  And, I can't even say I'm a particular fan of "suck", because it sounds like something I probably overused in high school, and I'm a Grown-@ss Man, now.

But, let me tell you, children are using terms much more vulgar than this.  Anyone who has spent any time with pre-teen children know this.  

And, BTW, yes, think of the children!  Won't anyone think of the children?!  You know, 'cause cutting their parent's Earned Income Tax credit, and throwing thousands of families off welfare, and robbing the school fund to pay for a corporate tax cut...need I go on?...isn't vulgar, right?  Yes, 'cause "SUX" will damage the children, forever.  You know, not malnutrition and poverty.

The word "sux"
can be seen on approximately a million different bumper stickers, not to mention much worse things. I'm beginning to think Bill Schuette is in reality a church lady.  

This guy is the epitome of an old-fashioned prude.  Midland is about as staid a "big" city in this state as you can get, and he just takes the whole thing to another level.  He was the one that nearly single-handedly put Lansing's nascent medical marijua industry out of business because of his personal offense to such businesses and because he'd been a lead in the failed opposition to the original marijuana act overwhelmingly passed by the people.  The dude is a walking,t alking caricature of an out-of-touch politician, which is why I'm amused that he think he has a chance of becoming governor of Michigan.

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