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Stephen Henderson says our benevolent overlord can't be trusted

by: Eric B.

Sun Jan 05, 2014 at 14:35:37 PM EST

Your link for today. Happy reading and try to stay safe.

Heading into 2014, the governor will begin building a case for voters to return him to Lansing for another four years. But he’s not just fighting for a second term now — he’s seeking forgiveness (or hoping for forgetfulness) for the growing sense that he says one thing and does another.

Me? As of now, I’m not buying. Snyder is no more trustworthy than any other politician I’ve dealt with. Given the hordes of political liars prowling this city — and this state — that’s quite a distinction.

Complete lack of leadership here.

Eric B. :: Stephen Henderson says our benevolent overlord can't be trusted
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I'd like...
...to say that I don't want to have to say "I told you so", but that would be a lie.  Even a centrist willing to give Snyder the benefit of the doubt was pushed out of his camp during the whole RTW debacle.  It literally takes a whole other year of political disaster for Stephen to finally put his foot down.  And, what's worse is that he passes for the left-of-center editorial voice of the Free Press, these days.  It's too late.

And, this is why liberals will never truly win in Michigan.  We've been playinng footsy and wish games with "moderate" Republicans for so long, we can't see them for who they are and who backs them.  Any liberal willing to give Snyder the benefit of the doubt should have checked out even earlier than RTW; they should have checked out when Snyder showed himself as the consummate partisan politician when he signed into law the Republican legislature taking over redistricting in Oakland County.

Even if by some miracle we were to get back the governor's office and both houses of the legislature, Democrats simply don't have the guts to govern the way Republicans do, and because so much damage has been done, we'd probably spend an entire four years just trying to repeal what the Republicans put into place, and we would not be promised a second crack at it with a second term.

I know Steve's a nice guy, and a pretty good writer, but he exemplifies the problems with the so-called left in Michigan more than just about anyone else.  And, more than it angers me, it disappoints me, and disheartens me.

Steve, you're too late, and more to the point, you don't have the guts to change it if you'd truly advocate for the folks who could.  :(

BTW, totally OT
But, I'm watching the rerun of OTR, right now, and with the disclaimer that I'm sure he loves mom, dad, and apple pie and he's a really nice guy off camera, Matt Davis is exactly how I imagined him. lol  Like his column, he thinks that simply talking over other people, and throwing out enough straw men to fill every field in Eaton County, is enough to win an argument.  I swear, if you were to word count that episode, he'd have had more than all of you guys combined.

Actually, this isn't off topic, at all, the more I think about it.  The rerun came on at around the right time I needed it to, because it's a perfect juxtaposition of liberal and conservative media.  I think the Matt Davis appearance is a rather good example of how conservative media runs.  It's smug, self-assured and loud.  It takes complete and perfect advantage of its readers' and listeners' ignorance of any particular subject.  Put this up against someone like Stephen Henderson, who is eternally apologetic, always on the verge of being unsure what he believes, and quietly thoughtful to an obvious fault.  If you're totally new to the process, who are you going to believe?

Nuance is important.  I think liberals put it before everything else in importance, though, and that's the fatal flaw of a lot of what passes for liberal media.  There is a very real place between the smug hubris of the right and the often unsure equivacation of the left, and I'd like liberals to find that place and hang on for dear life, because the style and tone of the movement, right now, is not working.  

Quite simply, we have to be confident when we tell the truth and then speak it to power and to the people.  We can leave the important academic nuance to the salons and parlors, but we have to be as sure as the right is of their own insane and impractical beliefs.  I'm actually pretty sure that Mark Schauer is...in a rare turn-around, I'm not so sure our party or our media is.  And, Mark is going to need all the ideological support he can get against a wave of money that could very well allow Snyder to eke out a win.

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Just did a post on this
The thing here isn't to be the opposite of Matt Davis. The impression I've gotten since the episode aired is that he turned off a lot of people from across the political spectrum with boorish behavior.

I think it is important to be confident, but I think that confidence has to be rooted in a command of the facts and logic. You have to have good arguments. For instance, when he insisted that Obamacare is socialism and demanded to know why it wasn't, it was pretty easy to point out that in reality it's based in the market. A few more seconds time and it could have been pointed out that every Republican "alternative" has "enhanced shopping opportunities" to link consumers and insurance providers. Those would be exchanges.

What you saw in Matt Davis wasn't someone pounding the facts. He was pounding the table, which is what you do when you don't have facts.  

Among the Trees

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