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So I did that Off the Record show

by: Eric B.

Mon Jan 06, 2014 at 11:47:55 AM EST

I think I posted here that I taped Off the Record a couple of weeks ago (I know I mentioned it in announcing Tony Trupiano's candidacy for the state House). The spot aired this last weekend. You can see it here. You can also see the bald spot on the top of my head.

For a few reasons (none of them related to the bald spot), I'm not entirely enthusiastic about doing these kinds of spots on Tee Vee or radio. When you do Tee Vee, it's great to meet people but there's the hassle of traveling to the studio (this time, the weather was nasty which created headaches not only for travel but because it was a snow day). When you do radio, you can literally phone it in but you don't get the satisfaction of meeting people face-to-face (or stealing another Off the Record coffee mug). Mostly, they just wind up being talking points that in retrospect don't always make any sense.

A couple of notes concerning points I wanted to make but didn't get a chance:

1. Michigan's recession started to ebb away under Jennifer Granholm, not Rick Snyder. And the jobs created under Snyder (this is if we're crediting the governor for job creation, which runs afoul the tiresome "Government doesn't create jobs" nonsense) don't pay the same level of wages as the jobs lost during the contraction of the Big Three. Income levels are rising, not because good jobs have been created by Snyder's business tax cuts, but because when you have zero income and your income becomes $20,000 a year, you have $20,000 more in annual income than you did the year before.

2. Most of the state's recovery is actually attributable to the revival of the auto industry. That not only took place before our benevolent overlord took office, it was engineered by a Democratic president and over the loud complaints of Snyder's party (and a probable "no" vote by Tim Walberg, who had "emergency" surgery the day of the vote).

3. Towards the end, Skubick asked me my opinion of the Tea Party. The other side insisted that the Tea Party isn't any different than the Detroit City Council from last decade. It's a terrible way to defend the Tea Party, since Detroit's city council helped push the city into bankruptcy and a couple of its members landed in jail. The point was to promote the dumb "Both sides are equally guilty" argument, which was a red herring. Anyway, it's a false equivalence since a grassroots party base has a different relationship to a political party than an body of elected officials.

Eric B. :: So I did that Off the Record show
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Another difference between the Tea Party and Detroit City Council
Council isn't getting huge infusions of cash from the Koch brothers. Or anywhere else these days.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

I am left wondering
how the Detroit City Council "helped push the city into bankruptcy"?

Even more to the point
The "Detroit City Council" is an elected body with fairly regular turnover.  Which session/term Detroit City Council are we talking about?  

And, to be very clear, Detroit's had a structural deficit for a very long time, but what has been revealed is that what drove it into bankruptcy - apart from the appointment of a Emergency Manager who actually filed for the bankruptcy - is the credit-default swamp deals that Mayor Kilpatrick inked back last decade.  That was the straw that broke the camels back.  The city council at that time could have provided far more oversight than they did, to say the least, but this wasn't perpetuated by the city council.  

And, really, Detroit could have actually hobbled along for a few more years had it just been the credit-default swaps, or had it just been the recession.  What it couldn't survive was both, particularly under emergency management, which court records have revealed was a foregone conclusion.

Anyway, we've gone over this ad naseum, the point being that this is is an apples to oranges comparison being that the Tea Party is a political movement, and the Detroit City Council is an actual, elected body.

[ Parent ]
This is very simple
Detroit's bankruptcy was caused by a number of factors, but they were accelerated last decade. The City Council gets to approve or reject the mayor's proposed budget. Problems caused by or exacerbated by poor budgeting practices are the result of poor oversight by the city council. At the very least, the amount of time Monica Conyers devoted to things like calling Ken Cockrel "Shrek" or arguing with school girls could have been devoted to raising red flags about the city's finances. Also, the entire council, rather than arguing and bickering over every opportunity to partner regionally as an attempt by other forces to steal the city's crown jewels could have made compromises for the good of the city rather than stake out turf.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
are almost negligible when compared to the near-collapse of the auto industry and the foreclosure crisis. There is also no denying the suburban desire to control certain Detroit-based entities, such as the water department.  

[ Parent ]
So what?
You asked what role the Detroit City Council had in driving the city to bankruptcy. I answered. The Council's head-in-sand conduct in the years right before bankruptcy hit was a clownish dereliction of its duty to manage the city's affairs.

As for the last, if you're smart you make deals in your best interest rather than cutting off your nose to spite your face. Detroit's leadership the last decade has been excellent for doing the latter.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
That's fine
when there is a deal to be made, or a reason to make said deal.  

[ Parent ]

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