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Andy Dillon still on state payroll, despite leaving state service

by: Eric B.

Wed Jan 08, 2014 at 15:29:05 PM EST

I don't have any special animus towards Andy Dillon the way some people do, and I generally wish people who have personal demons the best in dealing with them, but...

Lansing— Former state Treasurer Andy Dillon is earning the same state salary as an adviser to his successor more than two months after resigning his top position in Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration amid family issues.

Dillon is temporarily serving as senior adviser to state Treasurer Kevin Clinton — a position that pays him the same annual salary of $174,204 he earned as the head of the agency, Treasury Department spokesman Terry Stanton confirmed.

If this is how things are done in the private sector, it safely puts into the ground that the private sector does things a lot more efficiently and cost effectively than the public.

What this amounts to is paying someone the same salary they were earning as a full-time employee to consult with the guy who you hired to be that full-time employee. If this were, in fact, a great deal for taxpayers, Dillon would be working full-time -- consulting -- to earn his money. Who believes he's doing as much work in helping his replacement as he was when he was in the job? At any rate, what it amounts to is that as long as he's on the payroll, we're double paying for a state treasurer.

Let's also consider the uncomfortable issue here that part of why Dillon left were his personal demons, in particular his battles with alcohol addiction. Presumably the guy is getting help, but he did work for the same basic people who think that people on public assistance should be tested to make sure they're not sitting at home getting high all day long. This isn't a tag against Dillon. It's something to stick in your collective pocket the next time legislation is introduced intended to connect drug use and public assistance (yes, booze is legal while weed ain't, but let's face it that's a distinction largely only made within the confines of the legal system ... outside it, where most humans live, the difference is paper thin).

Eric B. :: Andy Dillon still on state payroll, despite leaving state service
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It matters for another reason
Andy Dillon gave crucial testimony at the bankruptcy eligibility hearings for the City of Detroit, after he had resigned from office.

This is problematic, as the consulting gig gives him a strong motive to not bite the hand that's continuing to feed him.

It also shoots down the notion held by some that Dillon, as a former employee, freely spoke his mind on the matters of Detroit's eligibility, the hiring of EM Czar Kevyn Orr, and so on.

This stinks of hush money, paid to a potential loose cannon who COULD have said a whole lot more than he did.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

Why does Kevin Clinton need a "senior adviser"?
Does any other department head have one? If so, was the senior adviser his or her predecessor? Does Dillon, who served as state treasurer for less than three years, have such institutional memory that he has to be kept around? And what does Dillon's continued presence say about Clinton's ability to do the job?

Don't expect the MSM to look into any of these questions.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

That was my question
This really raises questions of competency, as far as I'm concerned.  If Dillon is a consultant, he should be paid as such and not as if he's an employee.  And, Dillon is not the only guy who has ever worked in Michigan's Treasury.  

Now, I'd give Clinton that a consultant could help speed things up, and I've seen tons of former workers train their successors.  But, from the way this is being presented, it sounds like Clinton is still essentially working for Dillon and not the other way around.

This is reason why so few folks trust government.  I haven't of people getting paid their former salary for consulting, but I've seen too many folks of people "retiring" or "resigning" and then being hired on as high-price consulting, or sometimes being rehired by the very same government and popping back up in another department and double-dipping on pensions (some places have already outlawed this).  It's why the tea party actually sometimes has a point, if even they don't know it or can't articulate it.

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