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Goat Killer launches into bigoted, anti-Muslim tirade on Facebook

by: Eric B.

Mon Jan 13, 2014 at 12:36:14 PM EST

In light of last week's endorsement of jailing political activists, Chad Selweski shares with us more touching comments made by other people by professional attention seeker and Kardashian of the homophobe set, Goat Killer.

Now, the western Michigan tea party favorite is praising the anti-homosexuality laws put forward by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the former KGB officer turned president. And he’s attacking Muslims in a blanket repudiation that praises Catholicism.

He has screenshots worth looking at. One poses this question: "Have you ever seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?" If it isn't the most ignorant thing he's ever said about a group of people, it's probably the most ignorant public comment he's made about Islam in general and American Muslims specifically (the Muslim world used to be a world leader in the arts, the sciences and especially mathematics).

This isn't the first time Goat Killer has slurred Muslims. He was the author of the legislation a couple years back that would have forebade Sharia law from trumping the Constitution in American courts (yes, I know, he's an idiot), backed out of speaking at a rally held by book burning hillbilly holy man Terry Jones, and in recent years was involved in a lawsuit over another anti-Islam speaker he tried to host a talk. So, it's hardly surprising that on a platform he's famous for slurring one group of people that he'd do it to another.

By the way, someone over the weekend pointed out that part of the reason why this stuff is getting out is that a number of Republicans hate him not just for his bigotry but because they remain close allies of Saul Anuzis, the guy Goat Killer unseated from the RNC. True, but irrelevant. What is relevant is that a sitting member of the RNC is using social media to attack various minority groups and that no one in the Republican Party is either able or willing to do anything about it beyond offering a mushy-mouthed denunciation. In making those statements of mushy condemnation, however, they have accepted that Goat Killer represents their organization in public. And in doing so, project by their refusal to take action that they are accepting of this, which makes a statement from Goat Killer on the state of varioius minority group a statement on behalf of said organiation.

Eric B. :: Goat Killer launches into bigoted, anti-Muslim tirade on Facebook
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Double Down Dave.
Dialing it back was clearly never the plan for this guy.

Great Lakes, Great Times.

This guy served with Rashida Tlaib in the state house, right?  But, she's a Democrat, so she might as well be communist, right?  

Nobody should have to put up with this sh%t.

Let him run his mouth.
By all means call attention to his bigotry, but I hope he doesn't shut up. All he's doing is further damaging the Republican brand by repelling moderates and thinking people.  He's not making any converts, he's preaching to the choir.

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