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America's most unpopular Congressman gets a primary challenger

by: Eric B.

Tue Jan 14, 2014 at 10:32:28 AM EST

The purge continues apace!

Arcand announced his candidacy Monday afternoon outside the Dickinson County Memorial Hospital. He said as a father and a small business owner, he wants to see improvements in Congress that will benefit families and businesses. He'll be facing incumbent Dan Benishek, who is also officially running in the race.

"I've decided to run for Congress because we need a real leader in Congress," said Arcand. "You look at his record and it's atrocious. We need someone with integrity, somebody that's going to stand up and defend this district and defend the constitution."

If you go to the story, you can catch a link to Arcand's website, where if you wait for the red backgrounded image you will see the worst photo editing job in the history of political websites.

Eric B. :: America's most unpopular Congressman gets a primary challenger
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"...and defend the constitution."

So, at least in his rhetoric, it sounds like he's challenging Benishek from the right, then, huh?  These people are insane.  What, holding 40+ repeal votes on the ACA isn't enough? lol

This guy's first "issue" on his website is the "constitution."  I am so tired of these loonies.  The constitution is the law of our land, it is not some holy and sacred document.  This fetishization of the document as something almost religious makes me ill.  Yes, the document is so "sacred" that it had to be amended over a dozen different times.

And, then, this little doozy:

The Second Amendment is the only amendment that protects all the others. I will work vigorously to defend the rights of gun owners. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is not primarily about hunting or recreation. The Second Amendment is our Founding Fathers' solidification of our natural God given right to defend life, liberty, and property.

Oh, lord.  How does it feel to be bagged by the bagger, Danny?

"Second Amendment is the only amendment that protects all the others"
Jesus H. Christ in a tri-corner hat. I've had it with these believers in the Fantasy Camp Constitution.

The drafters of the Bill of Rights gave top billing to the freedoms of speech, the press, assembly, and to petition the government for very good reason. Without them, democratic government ceases to function.

Want an example of a country with Second Amendment rights without First Amendment rights? Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia come to mind.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

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How Nuts Can You Get?
This guy wants to repeal the federal income tax (16th amendment) based on his messianic belief that the middle-age white landowners who wrote the Constitution apparently were the messengers of God. Seems a little strange for an Air Force veteran: I don't remember any of the Founding Fathers saying anything about dropping bombs out of the air on other countries.

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