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Dear Ye Olde MSM: When Republicans say they can't bounce Goat Killer, ask them to show you why

by: Eric B.

Tue Jan 14, 2014 at 14:06:26 PM EST

MLive ran a story on Goat Killer's bigoted anti-Muslim tirade that once again visits the Republican excuse for not doing something about their national committee member railing against minority groups on social media. Thusly is craven behavior excused.

A spokesperson for the Michigan Republican Party declined comment on Agema's latest statements. Party rules do not allow for his removal from the RNC post, which he is scheduled to hold through 2016. Agema has served as a committeeman since 2012, when party members elected him at a state convention.

By the way, before we go any further, here's a response to Goat Killer's anti-Muslim tirade by Joe Munem, the other half of the Two Joes podcast. It will rank as among the greatest social media smackdowns you will see this or any other year.

Republican political consultant Joe Munem replied to Agema in a Facebook post of his own, highlighting the contributions of his father, Mustafa Munem, who heads the math department at Macomb Community College.

"My muslim father, an internationally published author, 52 year math professor, business owner and gentleman farmer has done far more to contribute positively to the American way of life than you ever will," Munem wrote.

"He has educated countless engineers, doctors, scientists and even a few fighter pilots. He came to this country with nothing and has become very successful, far more than you."

It's a bloody shame that Munem can't expect his own political party to have his back against a bigot who attacked his father through a broadbrush smear. But, as noted in the article, the Republican Party says their own rules won't allow them to take any action.

By the way, has anyone thought to look at the rules? The RNC, on which Goat Killer serves as a member, has their rules published on their website in a document called Rules of the Republican Party. In subsection (c) of Rule 4 on page 2:

(c) In the event of the death, resignation, disqualification, or disability of any officer of the Republican National Committee or member of a committee of the Republican National Committee, such vacancy shall be filled by the same body and in the same manner as provided herein for the election of such officer or officers or committee members in the first instance. ...

In other words, if someone gets bounced from national committee, the RNC leaves the job to the body that bounced him, in this case the Michigan Republican Party. I found a copy of those in a folder of uploaded content at Bizarro MichLib. Here they are (reporters and other media folk following this story, feel free to download them), and here is a relevant paragraph (Article 4, subsection G.2).

Removal By The Committee. Any officer may be removed as an officer and member of this Committee by the Committee upon a seventy - five percent (75%) vote of the Committee present and voting at any meeting of the Committee, provided there is a quorum present, and such seventy - five percent (75%) vote must be made in person by such members and not by proxy; provided, further, that in order to bring the question before the Committee as to the removal of an officer, a petition requesting that such a vote be taken, bearing the signatures of at least fifty percent (50%) of the entire Committee (no proxies allowed), shall be filed with the Chairman (or, if the Chairman is the officer in question, then such petition shall be filed with the Secretary).

Article 3, subsection A, pretty clearly identifies the national committeeman as a member of the state central committee. And while you could make the very technical argument that the national committeeman is not an officer identified in the bylaws, Article 8 (Rules and resolutions) creates space for amending how the committee operates even if it means superseding state law (!). Article 9 is about the national committee, and creates undefined space for vacancies in the job (if the point was to never remove someone from office forcably, it would have defined these vacancies as through illness, death or incarceration).

In other words, there is not only space within the existing framework of the Republican Party to remove Goat Killer from the office of national committee man, there is wiggle room where if that space didn't exist that it could be created.

So please, The Media, stop repeating the Republican Party's claims that it is powerless to punish Goat Killer's ongoing bigoted tirades, because it simply isn't true. If they really wanted him gone, they could get rid of him. But, they aren't getting rid of him, so they value his participation, which means that when he speaks, he speaks on behalf of the Republican Party.

Eric B. :: Dear Ye Olde MSM: When Republicans say they can't bounce Goat Killer, ask them to show you why
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Good find!

Great Lakes, Great Times.

In 15 years of reading chartering documents...
...I have never found one that didn't give the organization it created room to bounce a member that brought discredit on it. So it was a very easy find. It might be sticky, it might be messy, but language enabling the removal of someone for malfeasance, incompetence or casting the organization in a negative light is always in there. Frankly, it would be a sign of organizational weakness if it weren't.

As I was telling someone else, it's a sign of how badly our media has declined that reporters are buying this without double checking it. If someone says you can't do (X) because it's in the bylaws, the simplest way to verify the veracity of that statement is to go read the bylaws. Journalists are told they need to do that.

Among the Trees

[ Parent ]
You mean...
they lied? Republicans LIED??? About something that anyone could easily look up, and expose their lie?

I've seen this movie before. Unfortunately, the ending won't change either: our liberal media will studiously ignore the lie, because commenting on it would expose their liberal bias.

Because as Colbert famously said, "The truth has a liberal slant."
The biggest success of the Right's war on objective journalism has been their ability to equate the classic watchdog function of the Fourth Estate with ideology and partisanship.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." ~ Harlan Ellison

[ Parent ]

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