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One Gutless Nerd blames entire state for actions of one man

by: Eric B.

Thu Jan 16, 2014 at 22:49:30 PM EST

Just cycled through the post State of the State press releases and wouldn't you believe it that the AFL-CIO was less than impressed with his performance! I kid, but only because I care so damned much that it hurts a little and makes me want to cry.

The big highlight coming out from the part that I caught was the alleged soft-hand slap he took at Goat Killer when he said that Michiganders need to be more civil to each other. He didn't mention Goat Killer by name, but everyone mostly interpreted it that way.

Hey, great. Thanks for all that. It takes a very courageous man to tell an entire state that the people who live in it should be nicer to each other to send a message to one specific individual to stop slurring homosexuals and Muslims on Facebook (I'm starting to understand why the kids have all stopped using it).

Let's be clear on something: Goat Killer isn't being impolite to homosexuals and Muslims when he says things like that homosexuals want health care because they're all dying of AIDS or that Muslims haven't done anything for the country. That's not incivility. That's bigotry. It's being incivil in the same way that Bull Connor was being incivil when he ordered fire hoses used on civil rights protestors.

Also, when you yell at everyone for something one person did, you send the message to that one person that there are no consequences for repeating said action. But, everyone who grew up in a multi-child household understands that.

Finally, and this is the last thing ... this is the same guy who signed a bill taking away same-sex domestic partner benefits (and the same Legislature that authored the bill). Pretty incivil shit there.

Eric B. :: One Gutless Nerd blames entire state for actions of one man
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The media has been all in a tizzy about this palace intrigue of Rick supposedly striking out at Agema.  It's about as weak political a strike I've ever seen.  So weak that Sara Wurfel actually had to clarify and say that it was a strike against Agema (oh, and "others").

Didn't watch this, but what I heard was that Snyder also threw some red meat to conservatives with the enternally silly idea for the legislature to send him a non-binding resolution to urge Congress to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, something only slightly less silly (and disasterous) than our debt ceiling.

I've said it before, but this guy is a(n unfunny) joke.  And, here he goes with his moderate bullsh%t while behind the door he is reaming the the 99%.  The Democrats better get it together.  Oh, and I hope someone is still following the NERD fund thing that the mainstream media just dropped.  As we saw with Dillon, just because he says he's going to clean house doesn't mean that he does, and with the NERD fund, it's not so much whether it's still operating, but who donated to the thing, regardless.

Balance budget amendment was the night's biggest applause line

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

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Yeah, that's what I heard.  The only thing I take solace in is that this got a standing-O from only the GOP caucus.  It's such a ridiculous thing on its merits, but even more ridiculous when this is their priority: a non-binding piece of legislation to send a message to Washington.  Nevermind that our roads are crumbling, or our stubbornly high unemployment rate, or...just about any other issue.  No, we need to go back and borrow a thoroughly descredited idea from decades ago, because the real problem with Michigan is that Congress won't balance its own budget, right?

Logic, how does it work?

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Which demonstrates
an appalling lack of even the most basic understanding of economics.

[ Parent ]
Not needed
Why would they need to understand economics?  The "geniuses" at the Mackinac Center and Northwood University (e.g., Timothy Nash) are happy to tell them what to think and what to say.

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Totally OT
I was just reading through this week's Lansing City Pulse and saw Walt Sorg's piece, and it appears that we've got at least two nominally Democratic candidates running or planning to run in MI-08, which stretches from Lansing to northern Oakland County.

Susan Grettenberger is the director of social work programs at CMU.  She sounds like she'd be a better ideological fit for a Democratic parimary, but she also appears to be a newbie to politics.  By contrast, long-time State of Michigan demographer Ken Darga has already announced, and has a website.  But him running for a Democratic nomination while explicitly trying to run down the middle, which is to the right, these days - and being staunchly anti-abortion to boot - is not going to play well, at all.  This is already a long-shot district; a slogan like "because America needs a moderate in Congress" is not going to work, here.  

I'm not too excited about either of these.  Hopefully, some local Lansing or Oakland County Dem politician (Livingston County's a lost cause) with nothing to lose tries their hand this time around.

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