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A full explanation for the governor's sheer gutlessness on civil rights

by: Eric B.

Fri Jan 17, 2014 at 14:17:20 PM EST

Someone forwarded me a story this morning, written after Goat Killer's anti-Muslim Facebook tirade, about what it meant to the Muslim communities in the Detroit suburbs. These are the places, by the way, where Goat Killer's friends and supporters believe are being taken over by Sharia.

As a state representative, Agema introduced in 2012 an "anti-Sharia" bill that would ban the implementation of "foreign law" in the U.S. The bill, which was criticized as anti-Muslim, was supported by then Rep. Chuck Moss and Rep. Tom McMillin, who are both competing for the Republican nomination for the 13th District of the Michigan Senate, where Fishman is running.

The Fishman in question is Ryan Fishman, who we've chatted about hereabouts a few times as a state senate candidate in that district and who left the Republican Party he said because of social issues nonsense like this.

As for Moss and McMillin, this is the problem for the Republican Party leadership. It's not as simple as just giving Goat Killer the heave ho. It also means offending people who think he's right, which certainly includes McMillin and apparently also Chuck Moss and probably a sizable number of other Republicans who while they wish Goat Killer would just shut up it's because he's making them look bad rather than because they think that he's a jackass.

So, that's why last night the governor hedged on this (doesn't explain why he made shit up about school funding, but that's a coming post), and why they insist that they don't have the language in the party bylaws to get rid of him when they very probably do. It's gutlessness, because coming down on the bigots in his party is very clearly and very easily the right thing to do. It's just practical gutlessness.

Eric B. :: A full explanation for the governor's sheer gutlessness on civil rights
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Problem is...
those who agree with Agema make up a significant number, perhaps even a majority, of Republican voters. Remember, these people believe fervently that we live in an explicitly Christian nation, one that is continually under attack by Muslims, secular humanists, and other heathens.

They will never disavow what he said. Religious based bigotry is the last acceptable form of hate remaining, now that teh gay are no longer pariahs, and these people need someone to hate.

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