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Teh Demas sums up Bob King's tenure of suck

by: Eric B.

Sat Jan 18, 2014 at 10:45:54 AM EST

It was just about a year ago that Democrats were embroiled in an internal fight over who would lead the party. Ultimately, with the blessing of the UAW's Bob King, Mark Brewer was replaced by Lon Johnson. At the time, a lot of people who supported Brewer said that they were doing so because Brewer isn't the real problem. The real problem, they said, was the intellectual incestuousness of the small group of insiders who made terrible decisions on how the party would approach things. Those people were what needed a real shake-up, and replacing Brewer was putting a Band-Aid on a gaping, festering wound. This last week, Teh Demas remade that case by reminding us just how many times Bob King shit in our collective nest.

It's kind of amazing that King leads the UAW, the driving force for decades in Michigan Democratic politics. The irony is thick that he's responsible for Right to Work in the place that birthed his union nine decades ago.

But that's what happened when King spearheaded Proposal 2 of 2012, which was supposed to ward off RTW by enshrining collective bargaining rights in the constitution. 

The unions poured $25 million into the failed effort. That meant far less money for the Dems, which failed to gain control of the House, Supreme Court or Michigan congressional delegation. This was a repeat of 2010, when King was behind efforts to spend money on Bernero instead of the rest of the ticket.

i'd actually forgotten that he helped Ruth Johnson win the Secretary of State's race by pouring money into America's Shoutiest Mayor's campaign rather than into races where Democrats had a shot to win (i.e. Jocelyn Benson).

The entire thing is worth a read.

Eric B. :: Teh Demas sums up Bob King's tenure of suck
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Meet the new boss
Bob King is a colossally bad political strategist, but he's a symptom of a larger problem: the ossified, calcified leadership of the UAW. He will be replaced by yet another member of that leadership in a process that is hardly a model of openness.

As I've said here, the MDP is remarkably similar to the Detroit Lions.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

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